Question About Uploading Pics(Fan Art)

It’s been awhile since I’ve been on the boards and uploaded any fan art, but I’ve got quite a few new pics to share, so last night I tried to post them the way I used to, by copy-pasting the link from Photobucket in between the brackets. They were there, but unlike before, the board didn’t resize them to fit the space, but cut most of the pic off, especially those with a horizontal format, when I checked the “preview”, so I didn’t continue. Is there now a size limit as to what pics the board can accept, assuming it no longer can resize, or will they show up in their entirety if I go ahead and post them?


In the past when I used to post my art that way (now I just use links to dA or tumblr posts), it would do the same thing for me. The preview would show the image as being extremely large, so I would usually go back and resize them, then re-upload to Photobucket. However I think that even if you post the picture in its native resolution, the board will automatically resize it in the post, but not the preview. It’s worth giving it a shot, and if you find they’re still too big, you could always re-upload a smaller file.

Hope that helps!

little chef