Questionable Quoting


Okaaaaay. Too many members are quoting preceding posts and I just…don’t…understand…why. I’m on a mission to wean those of you off the habit. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have only quoted posts two times, I think. But I see it too. There are way too many people doing this… I don’t understand either …

Well, obviously quoting is allowed. Heck, it’s a post option. But what I just did at the beginning of this post is an example of unnecessary quoting.


Just kidding. :wink:

Well, one way to stop the unnecessary quoting is to remove the Quote button on everyone’s posts. That way, it’s more of a burden to quote someone, and Pixarplanetarians won’t do it as often.

or better yet everyone could just learn discipline and we crack the whip on those that don’t…

Them—> :blush: :whip: <—Us

:open_mouth: Oh, yeah?

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Whaaa…" />

Well, I’m the type of person you would rather err on the side of caution just in case someone is confused about whose post I am referring to, and which quote what I am referring to - especially if it is a busy thread with lots of different opinions flying around.

I don’t like it when people quote a whole long section, when they should have just edited it down to a sentences or two (the part the are referring to). But everything else doesn’t bother me too much. But I’ll try to take that advice on board, PV. I think it was me your were talking about.

Oh no, I know quoting is allowed. The unnecessary quoting is what I’m having trouble with. I… I… just… don’t understand why members do that. Period.


Hello everyone,

I just thought that I should remind both old and new members of the issue of unnecessary quoting, since I’ve noticed alot of that going on lately:

When possible, please refrain from quoting an entire post, as it is often unnecessary and clutters up the boards (unless you are only quoting a section of the original post). If the original members’ post is directly above yours – or even three posts directly above your reply – then there is no need to quote that person’s entire post. A more simplistic way to reply to someone is by stating their name in bold right before your reply, so as to emphasize exactly who you wish to talk to. For example:

member’s name - You put the marshmellows in the freezer? That’s awesome! What was the result…?

This system is a bit more effective and helps to keep the forum boards, as a whole, less cluttered.

Just letting you know. Thanks, guys! :wink:

– Mitch

I’ll try to keep that in mind. :wink:

Okay Mitch, I think I have been doing my best with it lately, but thanks for the reminder.

rachel and The Star Swordsman - Heheh. Thanks. You two are fine; it’s a few other members around here who are…umm… “uncorking the wrong bottles”, but I shall keep their names in the undisclosed section. :wink:

– Mitch

Oopsy-daisies. :open_mouth: Guilty as charged! :blush: Just give me a chance, I’ll change my ways! :frowning: :wink:

Hope my name isn’t in the disclosed section… o_0

Okay MItch, just making sure.

FireFly - No problem. I’m just giving everyone a reminder. :wink:

JesusFreak - Nah, I think you’re fine. This message is basically for everyone in general, so don’t feel as if you’ve been singled out. Heheh.

– Mitch

use too :blush:

but was quickly correctedon my standpoint in that area.

Now i almost never over quote or ever quote anyone.

I’m just bringing this topic back up again as lately there’s been a lot of ‘questionable quoting’!

So please, if you’re replying to something someone has just said, using Mitch’s idea of putting their name in bold and then writing your message keeps the boards uncluttered. In particular, quoting within quotes is unnecessary and makes topics difficult to read, so please try not to ‘over-quote’.

Thank you! :smiley:

This has been cropping up again really, really, badly recently, and I wanted to bring this thread to everyone’s attention again.

It’s actually really annoying and confusing when this happens, you guys. Especially the whole “I’ll quote the post directly above me” thing.

So, bumping this just to make everyone aware of it again. Hope it’s not out of my place to do that. :laughing:

little chef