Quotes on Zarban.com!

Zarban.com is the website that kindly hosts and highlights our commentaries and there’s a page with Zarban’s favourite quotes from our sessions: zarban.com/?page_id=3296#Pixar-Planet-Fans

It wasn’t till the second time looking at the list that I remembered that the first quote was between The Star Swordsman and I in one of The Incredibles commentaries. Ha-ha. The others I don’t remember who said what, though.

Haha, those are some pretty funny quotes! I remember the animated toilet one, but I don’t remember who said it…Either way, very funny. :laughing:

Haha! Now that I think about it, I dont remember seeing animated toilets much before that, so that probably was one of the first!

lol, Mater and the Ghostlight! That one was pretty good!

i said that? Really? hmm, I don’t remember saying that, but the more I read it, the more I think I did. Still, kinda cool that a quote from me made the list.

Very cool! Didn’t expect to see one of my quotes on there… the Mater and the Ghostlight one.