Radio Pixar #4: Midterms Ate the Co-host

It’s up! Any thoughts about the new episode? And sorry for the lack of bloopers- I didn’t find any that were worthy enough…


I’m listening to it right now AJ. And about the bloopers, I did suggest you one, but oh well.

oh yeah. lol. Part of it was because I was too lazy to put them in there as well… hehe.

Awesome 4th show Radio Pixar, Dash I loved that Edna Mode interview my family and I all laughed it was really good! And thanks for useing my thread for the “Thread of the Week”! And Aggie you did pronounce my name right. :laughing:

Awesome! :slight_smile:

I hope you guys like this episode. I was a bit nervous during parts of the podcast since it was my first time, but my primary goal was to have as much fun as possible… aaaaand I did! Hehe. So, thanks guys for making this podcast so popular!

Aggie: You did a great job and I’m glad you had fun doing it. :smiley:

This was

one of the best shows ever!, and it was really fun to listen to.

I’ve got my headphones on

and I’m enjoying it as we speak! There are only eight minutes left, but I’m loving it all the same. Great job,

Radio Pixar! :smiley:

Dash - Your Edna impression…! 8D :laughing: Heheh – I’m still


Aggie - I must owe you an apologie – I thought you were a guy.

:blush: Wonderful performance, though!

Well…the show is now almost over as I type this. Again, wonderful

show, guys. I also agree in that it is one of the best Radio Pixar shows that has ever been done. I definitely

look forward to the next episode!

Good luck on surviving those mid-terms, guys. :wink:

Like… on the forum? Prior to

hearing my voice? If so, you’re not the only one… hehe. :stuck_out_tongue: However, thank you for the comment!

Aggie: Yeah, on the

forums…and prior to the recording. Slap me in the face if you must. :stuck_out_tongue: (snigger)

And you’re welcome!


Great job on the podcast. I really loved

the interview AJ and Dash. I can’t believe it! You guys managed to get Edna Mode on the show? :open_mouth: Wow, we

are popular and successful. Who’s next, Brad Bird? LOL. Anyways, excellent job. I can’t wait for the next


I must open iTunes now to experience the wrath. :laughing: :sunglasses:

Oooh, another podcast. I shall listen

and comment!

EDIT: Brilliant, once again! And Dash, I find it amazing that you managed to convince Edna to

give up some of her precious time to go on the podcast. Good work, there! :laughing:

If I laughed any

harder I would have gone to the emergency room .

Just one suggestion , talk more about the forum piece a

little more , because you guys got off track just a bit .

An Amazing episode, but Good Lord, Dash . . .

and I thought it was scary when I talked to myself!

And when E (you) hit

yourself, I lost it – I wish I could have saw that in person!!

And Aggie, great job as Co-Host! Good


TL - Good luck on MidTerms (just finished my First-Year Mids - totally can’t compare to


And AJ - You’re little intro to the E interview was HILARIOUS!

And SS - Great question -

KNEW it was too easy to begin with! Make them JUST a BIT Harder!

ha ha , my term done in 1 week :slight_smile:

Where is glass-gouw Dash? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s Glaz-go in phonetic.

hehe - Depends on where you’re from. We do that all the time over here - 2

cities spelled the same way but pronounced differently. Monticello is another one that’s real annoying. =P

LOL, it’s cool, I got a shout out at least.

[b]That was a awesome


That was the best show ever. :smiley: