"Radio Pixar #5: Finally Five!"

WHAM!! New episode for everyone! Thanks to all of you very dedicated


Here’s where you can get it at (for all those non-iTunes


Let us all know what you think right

here, or feel free to e-mail us or call in!

And despite what Dash says in the wrap-up, I’m shooting for

another episode some time this month.


Ahh! I don’t believe it! Congratulations to you

all in finally completing the much anticipated episode five of [i]Radio

Pixar[/i]! I can barely contain my excitement… I’m gonna watch it in just a few moments! :smiley:


Again, way to go! This is awesome! I’ll give my report after I listen to it. :wink:

Thanks for getting excited Mitch. We can’t wait for it.


brilliant! Well done guys! :smiley: This is probably the most-awaited episode yet!

EDIT- I just listened to the

podcast, and all I can say is- WOW! The smaller segments really do work well, and they add a lot of variety to

the show. Good work guys! :smiley:

You guys certainly outdid yourselfs this time! Man, what a great


Well done!

omg I didn’t notice this ! sweet ! thanks for the b-day

gift , lol . :wink:

Great show! Not even the occasional technical difficulties that occur during the show

steer it away from being good :slight_smile:

It was definitely worth the wait.

Thanks for everyones’s positive remaks!

Wow – great show!! I absolutely loved it! You

guys did a wonderful job on the coordination, script, everything! Keep up the good work. I can’t wait 'til the

next episode… :wink: :smiley:

And PixarVixen and Aggie - No offense, but I’m

thinking of knick-naming you guys the “giggle duo”. (snigger) :laughing:

Sooo…you guys are looking

for writers, huh? Hmm… Maybe I should think about applying for that. :slight_smile:

Again, great show! :smiley:

Yeah, PV and Aggie, I was surprised

by how much you guys were laughing! Heh. Thanks for adding comedy to the show!

I can’t help you guys

with the computer graphics per se, but if you need any information at all on that, I’m your guy!!!


and your’e thinking about the next episode being brought to us next month at this date. That’s my sixteenth

birthday. Heh. In any case, thanks for the long awaited 5th episode of Radio Pixar!

Hahahaha, it was all AJ’s fault!!! runs away

Uh, and how was it his fault? :laughing:


am glad that all of you enjoyed it. We will try to promise that there won’t be anymore long hiatuses.

You know that’s not true! (If it was I would’ve cut

the laughing out of the show…)

You’re right! Let me re-word that… it wasn’t YOUR

fault… it was your emoticons!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Pfff… Well it was funny, in any case. :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:

Remember people. Just because you are

listeners and fans, that doesn’t mean you can’t be involved. Please feel free to give suggestions, or


You know what you did, you instigator.



Was ROFL at

the complete robot mess up in the bloopers section, the Skype issue.

According to imdb, "The

settings on Zurg’s gun are numbered to eleven, a reference to Nigel Tufnel’s (Christopher Guest) amplifier in

This Is Spinal Tap (1984)."

The famous



that Christopher Guest also played Count Rugen in The Princess Bride, who had a

total of eleven fingers, it makes one wonder if the number eleven is going to follow him


All in all, a great episode. Very well-done and interesting. I like that

last line from PV (“I hate hearing myself in playback”) - it’s like the stinger from Mystery Science

Theater 3000 - you should do that every time.