Radio Pixar Now streaming from the Pixar Planet Page

Well, it took awhile but we got an embedded player into Radio Pixar’s page here at Pixar Planet so now you can listen to your favorite Radio Pixar episodes over and over again via the internet! (Of course we always appreciate downloads…) So head on over to it and check it out!


Great idea! Works like a charm for me. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s a brilliant idea- makes things easier. :smiley:

An awesome installment. Keep up the good work! :smiley:

I too just checked it out. I must say, it looks rather nice.

Yeah, great, thanks for the builder.

Cool! I’ll have to check that out…

Some little glitch I found whilst looking at it again, may be my resolution or something, but the player goes out of the frame. Look. :open_mouth:
Dunno if it’s fixable. :smiley:


It’s fine when I go to access the page… maybe it’s affected by your text size for html or something along those lines… i dunno.

Sorry to bother you guys then.

No, it’s alright. It’s that kind of feedback that we need. In this particular case, I think it’s just your settings for the internet browser you are using.

OK, thanks. I’ve checked the text size, and the thing still won’t shift, but hey I’ll live with it. Probably a FireFox problem.