Random stuff I've written that is bizarrely not Pixarish

This is not a “fan poem”, so I put it here.

A Lovely Place

The world could be a lovely place, If we would let it be
The world could be a lovely place, If only we could see
What we’re really doing when we make someone cry
There are so many people who just want to die
We scorn them; we ruin their lives
They want to cut themselves with knives
Can’t we be kind?
Stop tormenting that kid’s mind
I think we should love these people as the one who loves us
We should not fight, mock, or fuss
They have as much right as you or I
To live free of fear that we will make them cry
The world could be a lovely place, If we would let it be
The world could be a lovely place, If only we could see
I will choose to love them, just to let them be
For they are the ones who can really see
What a lovely place the world could be

Very nice. It had a good message, and I like how it stayed mostly simple and somber instead of going into those “Waaah humanity is a horrible monster and doesn’t deserve to exist” tangents poems like these often do. And I agree, for the most part.

That’s a lovely poem, IncredigirlVirginia. It’s simplicity means the message is all the more potent, and once again your use of a strong rhyming scheme keeps it flowing really well. You’re quite the poet! :smiley:

Oh, and I’ve moved this to the Non-Pixar Art section of the forums as that’s probably the best place for this thread.

Thanks, guys!! :smiley:

This is for my best friend’s birthday, so don’t stone me!

The Best Girl I’ve Ever Met

You’re always nice to everyone, even when you shouldn’t be
I wish I could be nice like you, and not so much like me
You always give everyone a second chance
You shower everyone with acceptance
It’s true, I wish I was like you, but not in jealousy
It’s in admiration, because you’re wonderful, you see
It’s your birthday, I hope it’s great
Because you’re so special, you deserve happiness on this date
I hope one day you’ll see
Just how much you’ve helped me
Just by being my friend
You’ve made me a better person in the end
I love you, as though you were my own sister
You’ve shaken me up, like a twister
You’ve impacted my life as much as anyone I know
I hope one day I can come to help you so
So, what I mean is you’re the greatest friend I’ve ever had
I wouldn’t trade your friendship for anything, that would truly be bad
I hope your birthday is wonderful
I hope it’s really swell
I can’t give you any present as great as you letting me be your pal

Those are good. I like the friend one a lot. You should make one about us! :slight_smile:

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I don’t think I’ve even seen this thread before! :open_mouth: Aww, the poems are lovely. I was very moved by the poem for your best friend because I know the feeling exactly. :smiley: They’re wonderful.

Thanks David and Leirin!! :smiley:

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No problem.

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Me and my brother(Pixarmilan) Love these poems. It is so lovely. :smiley:

Great poems! I think they both have great messages and great writing.

I really like these. The first one is awesome!

Thank you guys!!! :smiley:

Your welcome! :mrgreen:

This is a picture, not a story. I did it in paint, and I think it’s fair to say it came out terrible. It took a really long time too!