"Ratatoing" ripoff reviewed on Bad Movie Beatdown

Bad Movie Beatdown, a show on the same website as The Nostalgia Critic, just reviewed the infamous direct-to-video “Ratatouille” ripoff, “Ratatoing”. This is a pretty good way of getting an overview of this abomination without actually having to sit through the whole thing.


thatguywiththeglasses.com/videol … -ratatoing

A single frame - any frame - fromthe real “Ratatouille” has more creativity than anything in “Ratatoing”.

Haha, nice review, I love it. Unfortunately I’ve actually watched a bit of Ratatoing (not all of it, I couldn’t bear that) and the reviewer is pretty much spot on. Plus, it’s pretty funny. :laughing: Thanks for sharing, animagusureal.

Ooooh maaan, I watched this last night on the site (well, I tried to.) Honestly not even the comedy of the review could get me to sit through watching that animation. I skipped a bunch and eventually had to stop watching all together. That was ridiculous. Crazy Brazilian ripoff x] AND I don’t think I can ever hear the world ‘precisely’ the same way again!

I can’t believe i was bored enough that i watched the whole thing on Youtube. It SCARED me. And i agree with you, gazelle I really don’t want to hear the word precisely ever again. :frowning: These brazil rip-offs are really terrible.

Too bad this is one of Film Brain’s videos. I can’t stand him. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to have nightmares about it until I die. However, I’d like to see it all the way through just to get a clear picture.

I’ve seen a trailer and a few clips here and there. But I’ve no real desire to see this film in its entirety, even for the sake of satisfying my morbid curiosity. Truth is, I love and respect Ratatouille so, so much that it would simply break my heart to see it ripped off so atrociously. :cry:

Usually I’m not a huge Film Brain fan, but that review had me laughing. The actual movie on the other hand…just those few clips shown made me want to go slam my head into a wall a few times. Ratatouille>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>x infinity- Ratatoing

Oh no, not Ratatoing. I mean, I don’t even need to watch the whole thing to tell it’s bad with it’s horrible CGI and voice acting. Just in case any of you don’t know, the company that made it (Video Brinquedo) has produced other rip-offs of Pixar films as well.

Urgh, Ratatoing… even from the few clips I’ve seen it looks terrible. They don’t even TRY to look original.

The review made me laugh. Film Brain isn’t as funny as some other reviewers, but he got the job done.

oh gosh. I don’t even know what to say.
Ratatoing is an abomination!
But seriously it looks awful.

The review was pretty funny.

“Prodding into a steel can with a spoon: Most exotic!”

I’m glad somebody mentioned this review here. I’m a fan of FilmBrain and this is by far my favorite review of his.

Ugh… I have a confession to make; I once uh… bought the DVD. :blush:
That was a mistake.
But let me be honest; it was 2007, I was totally hyped about Ratatouille, and I saw the DVD at Circuit City and it intrigued me… to the point I wasted $7 on it (mostly because I couldn’t belive someone could rip off Pixar like that! :angry: ). I watched it maybe twice before I just up and donated it. It was at least somewhat of an original story, but the title was just too much of an obvious rip. And the animation and texturing was just plain pathetic. I really hope I haven’t just offended a rabid Ratatoing fan, but I hope even more that there are no rabid Ratatoing fans on PP… or in the world period.
And this company’s done other ripoffs of Pixar? GASP! I actually saw a DVD for sale online that was a triple feature of extremely obvious ripoffs of other films (Do “Chop-Kick Panda” or “Tappy Toes” sound familiar?), but all I know was that it was from Vivendi…

YOU bought Ratatoing? That’s pretty funny. I agree that maybe the story is kind of original, but that doesn’t make up for the lousy animation (even Pixar’s shorts from the 80s look better) and horrible voice acting. I haven’t seen the entire thing. I could do on YouTube, but I really don’t want to risk the pain. If it was being MST3Ked on the other hand…

In the words of Marlin: “Yes, shocking… I know.” :stuck_out_tongue:
I have this really bad problem in that sometimes I’ll see a weird animated movie on DVD at the library or something and even though at first I’ll think “Oh, puh-leeze…”, I’ll spend the next day thinking “But what if it’s actually… good?” and then I’ll succumb to my weakness.
The only good thing that came out of Ratatoing was that I appreciated Ratatouille even more than I had to start with; that, and I started trying to improve my rat drawings (mostly because I wanted to draw better than they did).

That’s hilarious. I recall one reviewer of the film saying that watching Ratatoing will make you appreciate Ratatouille more, even if you didn’t like Ratatouille very much.

I love Matthew so very much…he’s so hilarious and adorable. Usually I like his reviews of bad comedies the best, but this one was the one that got me watching his videos.

You find this amusing, but my first post on this thread is one of the first posts I made here after I joined. I hadn’t even seen the review but I’m watching it right now. Wow, this film is painful, even with the humorous commentary. The voice acting and narration made me cringe, literally.

And the scene where they’re getting ready for their “mission” was terrible. Everything about it was terrible! There was not one likeable character in the whole thing.

wow. what is seen cannot be unseen…I only watched like, a minute of it and couldnt continue. Not cuz of the reviewer! But yeah, watching that ‘animation’ and voice ‘acting’ was too much…

holy I tried watching this once a really long time ago, and I could barely sit through the first five minutes. Absolutely everything about it is horrible. There isn’t a single quality that you can redeem as even remotely humorous, not even the fact that it’s so badly animated and written and designed. it’s the literal worst.

My siblings, on the other hand, probably watched 20 more minutes of it than I did, and found its atrocity humorous. They practically cried their eyes out laughing. I couldn’t even laugh at it, and that’s saying something about me, because I laugh at everything. :laughing:

I think the one time I tried to watch Ratatoing was with this commentary, but even then I couldn’t continue after those first five minutes.

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