Ratatouille 2 A Good Or Bad Idea?

I think it’s sorta a bad idea because well, Remy is already settled somewhere where he’s happy, unless if Pixar comes up with something that happens
to where he’s at right now, then it would be a good idea to make Ratatouille 2 :L

Nah, Ratatouille isn’t the kind of story that feels sequel compatible. The Incredibles on the other hand…

Yeah I completely agree. Incredibles has that feel to it that it could have a sequal, but how would they work a sequal out for Ratatouille? But then again, I thought the same thing about Monsters, Inc…

Nah, Ratatouille I dont think needs one. I’m sure if they want they’ll find a way to continue it, but to me, everything got resolved.

No, the original was perfect to me, and I would prefer it if they left well enough alone. Besides, I think that Pixar have enough sequels on their plate right now.

I wouldn’t, however, mind seeing some Ratatouille shorts some time in the future. A brief bit of slice-of-life fun with my favourite Pixar characters (as opposed to a full-blown sequel) couldn’t be too harmful. I’m not getting my hopes up though.

NO!!! It wouldn’t work, and they already have enough sequels on their plate.

Ratatouille is a neat little package that would be horribly spoilt by any sequels. It’s got a lovely, sweet ending and I can’t see any way of extending that.

Personally, I don’t want a sequel for Ratatouille. It ended perfectly.

Sure! I’d love a sequel! (Am I the only that likes any sequel as long as it isn’t Dreamworks related?)

BuzzandWoody, I don’t dislike the idea, it just doesn’t make sense with the movie. However, they could do a good job. Toy Story, Cars, and Monsters, Inc. are all non-sequel movies, and their sequels are looking pretty good. I just see no reason to push the sequel-train any faster.

I agree. After Monsters, Inc 2, I’d like to see a few more original movies before more sequals!

Yeah, if they do any more sequels they’ll turn into Dreamworks. lol
But, a second Ratatouille could revolve around the new restraunt Remy opened at the end of the film: “La Ratatouille”. And honestly, I’m getting quite bored just playing with my Ratatouille figures and pretending that green dish soap is rat poison (I have a very vivid imagination LOL).

BaW: so do I!! LOL that’s a funny image :slight_smile:

Also, sometimes I’ll just have them crawling on the floor, and then when my mom or dad walks by, I’ll just do my Django (Remy’s dad) voice and say “Human!” It’s actually pretty funny. And sometimes I even have them in my candy basket eating candy (OK, so I’m the one that eats it, but still…)

The only reason I’d want one is because I love the characters so gosh darn much I can’t get enough. But story is still very important and while we know that Pixar doesn’t put out anything less than superb story telling quality… Ratatouille along with Up and A Bug’s Life are Pixar films that end with such closure. They conclude and wrap it all up with a smile and they’re much more obvious stand alones than Toy Story, The Incredibles and Monsters Inc.

If they Pixar wanted to… yes, it might be a good idea. Because surely they’d pull it off fantastically. :]

Haha very interesting to hear

I don’t believe Ratatouille needs a sequel. It’s fine the way it is, the story is wrapped up nicely, I just can’t imagine what a sequel to Ratatouille would be like, because Remy has already found his calling as a chef, Anton’s doing ok, and Linguini and Colette are going out (though it would be cool if they had a wedding ceremony, and Remy helps make the cake).

Yeah, sounds like a movie that doesn’t need a second part. I’m happy with just one Ratatouille.

If they make a Ratatouille 2… :imp:

I don’t really think Ratatouille needs a sequel, but I won’t get mad if they ever do make one.

I don’t think Ratatouille should have a sequel. The idea was so strange at the time of the release of the teaser, and it still is a pretty odd topic to choose. I mean, I’m sure Pixar could pull it off, I just don’t think the culture is familiar enough (to Americans) for it to be as smashing a success.