Ratatouille Awards

Here’s a thread for all the Ratatouille related award winnings. All discussion related to the minor awards for Ratatouille (i.e not Oscar/Annie talk) is for here.

Here are some awards Ratatouille has recently won.

Tie with Persepolis for Animated award from the LAFCA

Brad Bird for Best Screenplay for Ratatouille from the BSFC

Nomination for Score Soundtrack Album for Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media Grammy Award [Variety]

Best Animated Film from the National Board of Review

Hollywood Animation Award at 11th Annual Hollywood Film Festival


Best Animated Film - Washington D.C. Film Critics Association.

Hmmm, ratatouille is definately doing good for all the other awards. I pray that they can keep it up! Thanks for the heads up bawpcwpn

Le Festin shortlisted for the academy awards

weblogs.variety.com/thesetlist/2 … ittle.html


Ratatouille gets Golden globe nomination



Out of the Golden Globe’s choices, Ratatouille HAS to win!
Critics hated Bee Movie AND gave TSM a “meh, it’s alright”, so that’s how I’m sure Rat’s gonna take home the award.
I also heard Surf’s Up was pretty good so I’m surprised it’s not up there…

Yeah, I’m with you there, martini- I’m surprised Surf’s Up hasn’t been nominated. The competition for Ratatouille just looks so weak…But I’m not complaining! :laughing: Thanks for the information, clabot!

Ratatouille (and Beowulf) are first animated pictures to enter academy’s short list for vsfx
vfxworld.com/?sa=adv&code=36 … s&id=21737


Ratatouille hopefully will win!

Ratatouille included in AFI best of 2007
hollywoodreporter.com/hr/con … 51706be1c1


another day another award
variety.com/awardcentral_art … =1983&cs=1


Ratatouille best animtaion of the year. Then Bee Movie.

Bee Movie second? You must be joking. Surf’s Up or Persepolis next.

Its my opinion. What did you think it was official?

I didn’t think it was official, I’m just surprised that in your opinion you thought Bee Movie was better than Surf’s Up or perhaps Persepolis.

“In the feature categories, Pixar Animation Studios’ “Ratatouille” leads the field this year with 13 nominations including Best Animated Feature as well as individual nominations for directing, writing, character animation, animated effects (two nominations), production design, storyboarding, character design, character animation, music and voice acting (three nominations).”

Ratatouille is going to make a killing at the 2008 Annie Awards. :wink:

Very cool! I hope Ratatouille does well at the Annies (and the Oscars, but I’ve lost all respect for them…).

Its funny that Sherk 3 isn’t on the nominations list of the Annie Awards.

I wouldn’t say funny… I’d say… suitable.

Persepolis? I haven’t watched that movie yet. But I prefered Bee Movie over Surf’s up.
Surf’s up was just plain boring.

I disagree. I was quite impressed with Surf’s Up, and very disappointed with the pointlessness of Bee Movie.

Maybe you just didn’t like the filming style Surf’s Up chose to go with- I can understand that. But I don’t think it was a bad movie at all. It wasn’t THE BEST MOVIE EVER… but it was good- I was happily surprised. O: