Ratatouille Birthday Cake

My mom and I I were browsing stuff on Pinterest, when we ran into this:

You can find it in this link.

Epic adorableness! I love cake decorating and design, and a Ratatouille cake would be absolutely adorable! I’m still thinking up what my birthday cake for this year will look like…

Awww wow I love it! :smiley:


This would be the only time that I’d be cool with a rat chilling on my cake!

I envy Lilian for getting such a cool cake, and I admire the person for being a fan of animated films at the age of 40 (nothing wrong with that, but I think a lot of ‘grown-ups’ would think otherwise). Unless he/she happened to have a pet rat or something, in which case the cake would have nothing to do with Ratatouille then.

Oh my gosh! I want to make cake sculptures someday! And since I read an article about those back when I was in the Owning Your Own Business semester class…

^That’s cool! I love cake decorating, especially when people make things like this Remy cake. I’m not very good at it myself yet, but it’s a love that’s been fueled by years of pouring over Wilton Cake Decorating Yearbooks… :slight_smile:

Wow, that is really cool! And a unique idea :slight_smile: