Ratatouille Category on Fanfiction.Net

Hi all!

As the Ratatouille authors on here may already know, we’re currently reduced to posting our Ratatouille fanfics under “Cartoons/Disney/Other” on FFN, or worse, “Misc.Movies”. I’ve written to them, but no response. I was hoping to enlist my listsibs’ help in writing to FFN and asking them to add a Ratatouille category. I think if a certain number of people ask, they usually do it. So could you?

Um… I was going to post the ‘Contact’ link from Fanfiction.Net here, but they’ve removed it form the top of the page and I can’t find it now. I think it’s support@fanfiction.net but if someone could confirm, I’d be really grateful.

Yeah I’m being lazy and just waiting. Eventually, they’ll add it and for now I’ll just be patient. They never respond anyway, if they do it’ll probably be a robot. =P

Usually, after a film comes out, give it a couple weeks after its release and boom! THere comes a Ratatouille section on FF.net. I don’t know why it hasn’t showed up yet, but hopefully, it will be soon. Maybe a couple weeks before the DVD release?

Interesting, the DVD is already out and there still isn’t any Ratatouille category. But not like I care, I’m fine with putting my Ratatouille fanfic in the “Disney” section.