Ratatouille Fan Commentary

This is a call out for anyone who is interested in participating in the Ratatouille fan commentary, which will probably happen sometime in March, who has NOT participated in any practice session in the past. You have 10 days to let me know so I can organise a practice session if need be to get things ready for doing the feature.

The people who have already participated in a practice sometime in the past and have posted their rankings - you don’t need to contact me unless you want to let me know you are not interested in commenting on Ratatouille any more. But if you have any questions just post here or PM me.

Thanks. =)

The deadline for expressions of interest for new commentators (those who haven’t ever done a practice) for Ratatouille has now passed.

For those who have done a practice and want to participate in the session(s), keep an eye on this thread so you know when to send me your schedules. Ratatouille will most likely be done after the WALL•E sessions have been done, but I’m not sure yet. Keep an eye on this thread in any case. :wink:

Well, it’s onto the next fan commentary which is going to be Ratatouille! :smiley:

So anyone who has:

  1. Participated in a practice,
  2. Posted your rankings of all the Pixar films in this thread AND
  3. An interest in commenting on Ratatouille

Please read carefully below…

The session(s) will be done in either late March or early-mid April, so send me your schedule for that time within the next 10 days. Even if you sent me your schedule for WALL•E, send it to me again (even if it’s exactly the same). If you don’t usually know your schedules until a very short time in advance, let me know and we can work something out. When in doubt, communicate with me so I don’t assume you are simply not interested in participating - you might end up missing out altogether because I haven’t heard from you. And remember to give me any updates to your schedule as soon as you find out any changes. Thanks.

If you can’t participate in Ratatouille this time, we may do it again later in the year if there’s demand for it. Any questions? Post below, PM me, or contact me over Skype.


I am intrested in participating in a Ratatouille commentary rachel. One problem: I lost my Rataouille DVD. I still would like to participate. I’ll see if I can give you a schedule ASAP.

Glad to have you on board and thanks in advance for the schedule, The Star Swordsman.

That’s ok about losing your copy of Ratatouille - in fact, what we usually do is share a file over Skype anyway, so we all know we’re watching the same copy during the commentary. Hang tight while Peter creates the file for us and either him or I will send it to you when you’re online. (Same goes for the other participants.) :wink:

Wow, you sure know how to keep things running at top speed, Rachel! :smiley: Not that I mind, though, it’s better than procrastinating.
So yes, I’m interested! Count me in! I’ve sent you my schedule again, it’s the same. I don’t foresee any changes at the moment, but if I do, I’ll let you know.
Like Wall-E, I’ve already got a copy of Ratatouille. The one I’ve got runs for 1:51:07, so is that NTSC?

Wow, less than 24 hours this thread has been open and we already have 5 participants. Thanks for being so organised, guys. Well, I was going to wait a couple of weeks before moving onto the next commentary, but Peter wanted to keep going, so blame him! ;-p But now that I think about it, it’s probably better that we keep going since it takes time to get people’s schedules organised, and in case of any delays along the way.

Mitch - I’ve received your PM with your schedule. Keep me updated every week, thanks!

thedriveintheatre - I got your schedule, too. And I think that is the NTSC version you’ve got there 'cause my Canadian version of Ratatouille runs in at 111 mins. Thanks, Andre!

Oooh, I’m definitely interested in participating in the Ratatouille commentary! (Especially since I accidently missed out on the two WALL*E ones.)

As for my schedule, I’m pretty much open to doing it anytime…although Monday’s during the afternoon wouldn’t work for me, since I have a riding lesson on that day, and Tuesday’s and Wensday’s are kind of iffy for me, also.

But other then that, I can really do it at anytime, as far as I know. ^^ My schedule is pretty relaxed.

I PMed you my schedule rachel. Let me know when you got it so we can schedule the commentary.

The Star Swordsman - Yep, I got your message. Thanks again! Keep an eye on this thread for proposed times for the commentary.

Thanks Lightning Eclipse. Glad to have you on board - you’re always fun to commentate with. =)

However, would you please be able to send or post in this thread the exact times you’re free every day? It’s because I’d need to specifically know what times you would be available so I can see if they match up with everyone else, and “afternoons” is kind of open to interpretation, if you know what I mean. :wink: If you can’t do that, or don’t know, then I’ll try to do my best with the info that you gave me there.

And don’t worry - we’ll be doing WALL•E again in a few months, seeing as you and Netbug009 missed out, so hold tight.

rachelcakes1985- Thanks! ^^ I’m looking forward to commentating with y’all, too.

As for my schedule…I honestly don’t know if I can give you guys the exact times I’m free every day, and I sincerely apologize if this makes it harder on you. ^^; I guess any day except Monday would work fine for me. I have a lot of free time, and my schedule is pretty flexible except for those riding lessons on Mondays.

I’ll also make sure I keep updated on this thread, so if something comes up, I’ll let you know. ^^

Just a reminder: to those who haven’t sent me their schedules for the next few weeks so you can participate in the Ratatouille commentary, you have about 3 days left to do so. Only those who have done at least one practice commentary may participate in Ratatouille.


Pfff… All right. Here’s the deal:

Several weeks ago, I received a summons for jury duty, and, despite the hopes that I had in not getting called in, I was required to attend this very exciting trial on Tuesday. Naturally, the group that I was in got chosen right off the bat, and, you guessed it, we got a murder case. To make a long story short, I was one of the few who was left to participate in the final trial, as I didn’t have any excuse for not attending the proceeding sessions, so I could be chosen to stay on this court case for as long as three weeks (up until the fourteenth of April, I believe).

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that I’ll have to miss out on any commentaries, as the jurors present at the trial are only required to stay at the court building until 5:00 PM (give or take), but it does make things more difficult, seeing as I never know what time I have to be there or how late I’ll have to stay until they tell me a day or two in advance. In addition, I also don’t know what my work schedule for next week will be until this evening, so I’ll have to hold out on letting you guys know exactly when I’ll be available until tonight.

I’m terribly sorry about this, everyone. I should still be able to participate in the Ratatouille commentary, if all goes well. An update on my work schedule will be given as soon as possible, so, hopefully, I won’t have to work at all this week, with the exception of today (I have to work today from 5:15 PM - 10:00 PM).

Once you think you’ve completed everything on your agenda, something else pops up… :unamused:

– Mitch

Thanks for the update, Mitch. I’ll try to organise for your session to be at night then. And don’t stress too much. We can always just turn up to a commentary session, but if you don’t turn up then we’ll just arrange for the next available date. And good luck with your jury duty. A murder case? Gee whiz. Like I already told you, you’re a lot braver than I am… :wink:

Ok, that’s it for any more participants for the Ratatouille commentary session(s). The following people are eligible to commentate in April:

The Star Swordsman
Lightning Eclipse

Stay tuned for more information on when it will take place. Make sure to check this thread every time you log onto Pixar Planet. Thanks everyone!


rachel - No problem. As I mentioned before, I’ll keep you updated.

Speaking of updates, here is a small one now:

Days I Have to Work:

Thursday (today): 10:30 AM - 5:00 PM (jury duty)
Saturday: 5:00 PM -11:00 PM (work)
Wednesday (4/1/09): 5:30 PM - 10:00 PM (work)
Thursday (4/2/09): 9:30 PM - 12:30 AM (work)

I don’t know what days I will be required to attend to jury duty, so any upcoming schedules will probably be last minute ones.

Again, I’m terribly sorry about the confusion. Hopefully, my schedule won’t be as nebulous after today.

Ha-ha. Thank you! :smiley:

– Mitch

rachel: Are we going to do two groups of three people?

Guys, Easter Sunday is coming up on the 12th April. I’ll probably be free on Easter Monday (which would end up being Easter Sunday for people in the US)… Could you let me know what days you’re happy to record on over those four days? Thanks!

Mitch - Thanks for the update. Just keep on updating me when you can. Perhaps if you won’t know till the last minute that you’ll be free on that day, I could give you my mobile number so you can send me a message if you can’t make it. If you want to do that, PM or Skype me and I’ll give it to you.

The Star Swordsman - I think so… There are basically 3 options: have one group of 6, two groups of 3, or have one group of 5 and bring in the preferencing system to see which person has to sit out. I’ll probably do two groups of 3, though.

Actually, I guess it would be better for you guys to let me know if you will NOT be available over Easter (Friday 10th - Monday 13th April inclusive) otherwise I’ll assume it’s business as usual. If you wanted to confirm with me that you will be available over those days, you can do that too, because it looks like one of the sessions may be done then. I’m not sure if Easter is a big deal in the US as it is here… But anyways, let me know so I can make up the schedules. Thanx. :wink:

Awesome! I don’t really celebrate Easter, so I’m pretty much available the weekend itself. My friends may call me out one of those days to go watch a movie or just chill out, but usually if they do it last minute I just refuse their request. I’m not much of an impromptu “Let’s go out and do something now” kinda guy (unless if it’s an after-school romp to the city or dinner at a friend’s place), not to mention it’s basic courtesy to let someone know in advance if you wanna spend a day out with them. So only if they let me know beforehand (say a minimum of 2 days ahead), I’ll hang out with them and I can then let you guys know. Otherwise, I’ll stay indoors, with the occasional meal out and grocery shopping.

This looks like a fun group, I pretty much know all the members, so regardless of who my commentary-mates are, I’m sure we’ll have a blast together!

Sure, I’m pretty sure I’ll be available over Easter. ^^ I’m not sure I’ll be available ON Easter Sunday, but that really depends on whether or not my dad has the day off, and even if he does, those other days will work fine for me. I’ll update you guys if something comes up.