Ratatouille Logo Redesign!

Just some redesign i made to one of my favourite pixar’s movies !

Oh God, Fabricio84! That is SO awesome! Thanks for doing this! I’m so making this as my wallpaper! Thanks a bunch Fab, I am soooo thank you!

BTW then, what font did you use? It looks sweet!

I think that looks better than the official logo. :smiley:

Yeah. It’s simply Fab-ulous! I think you should have a talk (or tweet) with Pixarians y’know! Who knows one day you will be their title/credit designer!

hahaha thank you SO MUCH for the comments guys! well definitely one of my goals in life is work in pixar :slight_smile: so i hope someday i can do it hehe

Good luck! Hope we’ll work together one day! :smiley:

I agree with Bryko. I like that more than the actual logo. That is fantastic, Fabricio.

That is really neat, Fabricio! Fantastic job! I especially like the “R”!

Wow, that looks simply excellent! I love how stylized it is, and it fits the concept artwork of the movie really well! Great job, how’d you come up with the font?

pretty cool, did you hand draw the font or what? :laughing:

Wow, that looks awesome! Has a very jazzy, art noveau feel to it, and so French! I especially liked the ‘R’! :wink:
Like the rest, I’m just as curious as to whether it is a font, or you hand-drew it.

Wow, Great Job Fabricio! I can definitely see this being used for the foreign French version for Ratatouille. Love how the Rat becomes the R!

Wow, Fabricio84, that logo looks excellent! I agree with what the others have said, it’s as good as, if not better, than the actual Ratatouille logo! I love the soft colours you’ve used and the way you’ve made the ‘R’ into a rat- so cute. :smiley:

I’m going to move this into the Graphics and Icons section of the boards if that’s okay.

thank you very much for the comments, i’m glad you like it! by the way, check my pixar blog:


And happy new year for everyone!

Excellent wallpapers, Fabricio! BTW, is that you in your avatar? :slight_smile:

yes! that’s me hehehe