Ratatouille Restaurant on the Disney Dream

I was just reading up on my Pixar pages when I stumbled upon this link about a Ratatouille restaurant called Remy on the Disney cruise ship the Dream.
I apologize if this already has a pge about it, so please lock this up if I missed it.
I will probably never go on a cruise, but if I do, it will definitely be the Disney Dream just for this restaurant! :slight_smile:

eater.com/archives/2010/04/08/di … aruant.php

EDIT: Here is another link to what some of the food may be. That chocolate dessert looks so good!

disneyfoodblog.com/2010/04/0 … estaurant/

Here is the official page.

disneycruise.disney.go.com/ships … ning/remy/

Great find, CH! Wouldn’t it be funny if they hired rats to cook in the kitchen? 8D But if I ever book a Disney cruise in my life, I’ll make this a priority on my list!

And to the single commenter on that article, if you have nothing nice to say, then shut your piehole! :angry: (I’m referring to that idiot who says ‘It looks like h*ll’ on the website, not you, CH.)

I love the look and the feel of the restaurant- very reminiscient of the general feel of Ratatouille and Paris. And a Disney cruise? That’s such a good idea! Thanks for showing that to us, Cosmic Hero.

just another reason to go on the disney dream! :slight_smile: I honestly think that this is a really cool idea and it looks interesting :smiley:

I read that there will also be an “Andy’s Room” and “Monsters Academy” on board for kids. This ship just sounds like so much fun! :smiley:

Haha I was worried for a second! I was like “Wait, what’d I do?” :chuckle:

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Oooh! really wants to go to Disney Dream…Cruise, I think? That’s looks awesome! Andy’s Room, Monsters Academy? All they need now is the Axiom or Carl Fredrickson’s house. XD

Ooo! I was going to say, it sounded like a concept similar to Victoria & Albert’s at WDW. It would be interesting to try.

I see in one of the linked articles (linked to the link, I think) that they mention the presence of the little meet-and-greet Remy at Chefs de France at Epcot - obviously, that’s not something they would do at the new restaurant, since it is more formal/upscale, but I’d love to meet Remy at Epcot someday.

Oh my goodness! This is so exciting! My parents just got a great deal and booked a cruise aboard the Dream just yesterday!

I can’t wait for the cruise now! I’ve always been a little dissapointed with the way Disney hasn’t capatilized on Ratatouille, so this is a great step forward.

I’m so happy right now. I’ll post a review of it after I go. I’ll be regular ol’ Anton Ego. Of course, I’ll have to wait until April 2011, hahaha.

So pumped. I was extatic to hear we were going to be on the new ship, and this just tops it all of.

I wish I could go on a cruise! The Disney cruises look so cool. You’ll have to let us know how it is! :slight_smile:

It says on the Disney Cruise page that Remy will be Adults Only. Cool. Only I’m not sure how many adults are going to fully appreciate the Remy reference. On the other hand, since the menu appears to be gourmet French, not many kids would be into that.

Do you know how lucky you are? Well, do you?!? :open_mouth: :smiley:

I hope you take some pics for us!

I wanna go to that restaurant!!!

Haha, thanks! I’m so excited. I’ll be 18 by that time next year, which is perfect timing. I’m going to take a ton of photos :slight_smile:

Awesum! Can’t wait!

Wow, hope you have a great time on board, love70ways! And I look forward to reading your review and seeing your photos when you do go.

Wow, I always wondered if Disney would ever make a Ratatouille Resteraunt! I’ll probably never eat at this one, because I won’t go on a cruise do to my being able to get seasick easily.