Rate my website's new banner

Hi all my website just got

its new banner, let me know how you feel about




You did a good job at positioning all of the characters so it appears as if they’re watching a movie.

Gotta love the Boundin’ lamb sipping on his soda. ^^

Smart move placing Marlin and Dory in a soft drink



Oh my goodness! It looks so cool! I like the movie


Brilliant! You got exactly the right screenshots very each character- I especially love the Woody one.


Haha – I just recently saw this on your (Pixar) website! Very cool. I love it! :smiley: thumbs up

(By the way, I still think that your avatar is awesome. :wink: )

That’s awesome Kinoo!! I agree with PV on the Boundin’ Lamb . . . just

adorable, and Al from TS2 looks like some Movie Critic with his thumbs sticking up!! :smiley:

How on earth did you change the lighting to match a movie

theme? It looks so marvelous.

Gawd, that must have taken

you ages! Syndrome’s kind of creeping me out…

That looks so cool! Nice job!


looks so awesome! Nice job! Kinoo!!! :slight_smile:[/b]

That is sooooooooo cool!!! i love it.

Kinoo: Your website and icons are awsome!

[quote="JV IS TIZ!!!

[b]Kinoo: Your website and icons are


[b]yeah thay are really awsome!!:smiley:


Wow! So many

characters! That looks awesome!

I find it truely incredible how

you combine all of the movies and shorts into one banner. How creative.

Wow thanks for your nice comments,

didn’t replied cos I couldn’t find the topic anymore.
Anyway for the holidays, the Monsters are invading my

website with a little thingy for




awesome picture!

Dude, that

looks great! Very festive. :smiley:

I love how everyone is so dressed. Exellent job.

[b]That is so