Real "Everyone can cook!" Book

This is my gusteau’s book, i made it, photoshop and illustrator, and now i’m using it for a real cook book :slight_smile:

Je pense c’etait tres génial! (I think it’s really awesome!)
What are the fonts, they look pretty close to the original cover… :slight_smile:

NIce one - again Fab!
I dunno what word is suitable to describe this! :smiley:

Cool idea and well pulled off! It looks almost official. Good job! That’d look superb on an actual cookbook.

haha that is awesome!!!

Does Gusteau come to life in your boo kas well? lol just kidding obviously.

…Amazing! it looks so realistic!

Haha, very cool. Judging by most of your fan work, I take it Ratatouille is your favorite?

This would be a perfect replica book for fans! Nice job!

claps The looks so authentic!

I will this Cover, can you Upload that? :smiley:

There’s no need to quote the entire post, UP. :wink:

Very nice Fabricio! Very nice, indeed! What program did you use, and how did you get the dimensions right? Furthermore, how did you print on a laminated sleeve? :open_mouth:

Very cool! Needless to say, that is a spot on reproduction. :slight_smile:


My wife is a huge Ratatouille fan and I would love to cover her journal in a “Anyone Can Cook” cover. Would it be possible to get a large file copy of what you did so I can have it printed for her. It is of course your art work and I would totally understand if you didn’t feel comfortable with me using it. But if you your okay with it, I would love to surprise her with it.