Real flying house!

I know there have been threads like this before, but this is seriously cool: … r_embedded

Wouldn’t mind taking a trip in that!

Words can’t describe how amazing that is! I really admire their dedication!

Same! What’s amazing is the size of each individual balloon; there’s something uplifting about seeing an iconic film fantasy being done in real life. I don’t know why… :smiley:

Uplifting is the perfect work to describe it!

brings thread back to life This is awesome! The best Up imitation out there! :smiley:

This is incredible, man! Seeing something of the sort in real life is mind-blowing! Gosh, that just made my day! :smiley: And the size of those balloons! I’d like to see Kevin try and eat one of those…
Anyway, as Rhino said in Disney’s Bolt, “The impossible can become possible… if. you’re. awesome!!!” and these guys are fine representations of that fact :slight_smile:

I would love to live in that home.