Reasons for Horst doing time

I thought this would be good for an in-depth Ratatouille discussion. Why do you think that Horst, Skinner’s sous-chef, did time in jail?

He defrauded a major corporation while robbing a bank with a ballpoint pen and murdering a man with his thumb. He also made a hole in the ozone layer. I thought it was obvious :stuck_out_tongue:

True, but Collette said “no on know for sure…”

I think it’s just for having a lop-sided head, but that’s just me. He’s one of my favorite Ratatouille characters, if you would call him a character.

Those are some good point. Like you said, IncredigirlVirginia, Colette told Linguini that no one knows for sure, because he changes the story all the time. What I believe is that Horst must be guilty of a crime so offensive and bad that if the chefs knew, they would probably be afraid of him or hate him.

Well, society contributed to the ozone layer hole, but maybe when he robbed the bank with a ballpoint pen, he killed a man with his thumb doing so :stuck_out_tongue: .

Yeah, Horst changes each time because I think he doesn’t want people to know the real reason! But the robbing of the bank with a ball point pen is my favorite, I hope that’s the reason he did time! But something tells me it was way more commen and bland then all of his wild explinations.

That’s kind of what I assumed. It was probably something quite banal in the end, like shoplifting or failure to pay a few parking tickets. I suspect he likes feeding the other chefs those crazy stories because he has a reputation to maintain.

I can’t imagine him doing anything really horrible. Unpaid parking tickets sounds about right. Or maybe the bank heist one, but he had a racially diverse, oddly skilled, quirky group of people helping him, ala Ocean’s 11.

He removed the stamps from posted envelopes? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Got that from Shrek the Tur… Third) :slight_smile:

That fiend!

This gives me an idea. Let’s make a game like those on the off-topic board.

We just have to write ridiculous reasons like the one from thedriveinntheatre.

What do you think? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think he went to Pizza Hut and took all the anchovies out of the kitchen and sold them to a foreign businessman, who later found out the anchovies were poisoned, so the businessman turned him over to the CIA so they could do testing on him. :smiley:

Remember, this is in France. It’s Le Pizza Hut. :wink:

He was arrested because he did a bad review of Toy Story 3. In fact, the DCPJ discovered he was Armond White’s partner.

Great idea Spirit of Adventure!

He took a candy from a baby while jaywalking.

That’s two crimes in one! The sad thing is that I can see him doing that.

He did time because he threw his shoe to George Bush.

He stole a jar of pickled eggs while running with a pair of scissors.

:laughing: So that was him

He did time because he was selling pirate copies of the Toy Story 3 DVD.