Relocation questions

  1. Since the Parrs have been relocated so many times and at the time of the movie it’s been years since Edna saw them, how did Edna know so much about the children (that they existed, their supersuit sizes, their powers)?
  2. When Bob is going through the Syndrome’s computer records, Helen’s location is “Unknown”, while Lucien’s is “Known”. How can this be since Lucien lives so close to the Parr’s?
  1. That’s actually a really good question, and I never thought about the complexities of it! My idea is that she actually did know all along about the hero’s identities, and simply kept tabs on them. Christmas cards maybe?

  2. It could be a general thing, perhaps during the lay-low time, Lucien might have let his powers “slip”? How many times have you met a person and was extremely shocked about how close to you they were, and you had no idea? (Actually, one of my best friends from school lived literally 3 blocks away, and I had no idea until 11th grade!) So even though they had where Lucien was listed, they hadn’t confirmed the Parr’s.

Anyone else have any other ideas?

2)Perhaps he was localized at the same time as Bob, during the burning building incident ? And since Syndrome didn’t know Bob was married to Helen, he had no reason to think she lived at the same location.

But that’s not why they got relocated.

Actually, that’s a really good point! It’s been so long since I’ve seen the movie, I vaguely remember that scene, but it did happen. So that would cover why Bob and Lucien have been figured out, and not Helen, and also why there is no note of any super-children, from anyone. (Surely the Parr’s couldn’t have been the only supers with kids!)

But they were “relocated” to protect their super identities after the society uproar… I don’t think the NSA knew that Bob and Lucien had been discovered by Syndrome, though surely they knew of the burning building incident, but if they weren’t in danger, there was no need to relocate again. Could you elaborate?

I’m sorry if my last post was confusing. What I meant was the fire rescue was not why Bob and Lucien got relocated. But as long as you’re bringing up how Syndrome discovered where Bob was, that leads to another question: A few scenes later, we see Mirage drop off the instructions video at Insuricare. So how did Mirage know where Bob worked if the identities of the retired Supers are supposed to be a secret?

Now that I think about it, I do find it odd that Syndrome would know Bob’s identity, even to where he worked & his exact cubicle, yet not be aware of who he was married to and that they had kids. Then again, who knows how his intelligence network works? I mean, does Mirage do all the scouting for him, or what?