RemyRatatouille's Art

I was feeling sad yesterday, so I drew this.

He’s disgusted about somethin’. I forgot his tail, oh no!

Remy and his cheese.

I’ve had this image in my head for a long time! I finally decided to color it. He would look more like Remy if the proportions were correct. Enjoy!

In this forum I’ve decided to submit my Ratatouille art, both old and new. I’ve loved Ratatouille ever since I can remember, and I took to drawing Remy several years ago. Now, for my Remy sketches!

Remy is on a mission! Getting ready to cook up something new, perhaps?

Remy sketch dump! Poor Remy, I don’t do him justice…

Remy’s at the beach! What fun!

Happy anniversary to Ratatouille!

I made that picture for a very special friend- Remy!