Resume for Intern!

Hi, I am new here. I am sorry in advance if my English is tough to understand, I am not a native English speaker… :blush:
I have a quick question about resume for intern since you guys seem very familiar about it.

My question is;
Should I submit a basic resume or a creative resume (like this; … 014-1?op=1) for intern?

I researched on the internet for few hours, and read your threads about internship, but couldn’t find clear answer.
I appreciate all of your opinion!

Hi, I was an intern last year. A basic resume along with your reel/portfolio is fine :slight_smile: It’s all really based on your work anyway.

Thank you, Rendrman!

Which intern did you get? I will apply to production management internship… that’s why I was wondering if I should make a creative resume. I doubt they will take a look my portfolio/reel for that position.

Oh, I was in animation, so I’m not sure what that department will want.

Wow! This is kind of late to say, but congratulations you experienced filmmaking at one of brilliant film studio!

And thank you for your reply! I will do my best anyway. :smiley:

This is the most difficult thing to do while searching for a job when you don’t have experience and want an internship. Many job seekers even write unnecessary things and it makes them unprofessional. When I was in search of an intern, I got my resume from professional resume writers near me and it was way different from what I wrote a year before.