Rio (2011)

Look what I drew!

yeah probably doesn’t look like him but hey I was too lazy to look up references lolz

It looks very cool, and the new trailer is funnnn! I adore the colourful backgrounds, characteristic for Blue Sky. This is their first time animating humans, right? They’re doing a pretty good job, and Blu’s relationship with his owner is pretty cute. I liked his car alarm impersonation. xD

Let’s hope that Blue Sky won’t screw it up! 8D;

when I saw the first trailer I didn’t want to see it But now I am pretty excited for it.

New poster. I actually want to see this film. I don’t despise Blue Sky at all.

This film looks beautiful. But Blue Sky’s track record with me has lowered my excitement quite a bit… After the first Ice Age, I liked the next two films less and less. I thought Robots was ok when I saw it years ago. But it wasn’t very memorable to me. I gotta watch it again. But I did enjoy Horton Hears a Who. So I’ve stopped letting the pretty visuals get to me.

awww, why no comment on my drawing? ;-;

I like that poster… reminds me of the one from Ratatouille where Remy looks out over Paris.

Badger: I think your Blu portrait looks fantastic! You caught his nervous look nicely! :slight_smile: Could you draw Jewel and Bobo next? Better yet, a group portrait!

I thought I was the first person in the world to have posted a Rio artpiece on the Net, but it looks like you posted yours on dA on the same day as me! So both of us are the only Rio fan-artists to date, hurr hurr. :wink:

Fique Tranquilo [size=75]
I’d love to hear your opinion on my piece as well![/size]

Snake&Robot: My situation is the opposite. I was won over from the first trailer, but ironically the second trailer deflated my hopes a bit with the ‘celebrity name-dropping’. :slight_smile:

pixarfan9099: Holy buckets!
This poster is the best one I’ve seen for a film next year. The visuals are magnificent, the tagline is awesome, and it just makes me want to see more! If they sell this as a landscape poster, I’m gonna buy it and pin it on my wall. Thanks for the heads-up, pixarfan!

And yes, like Badger says, it does reminds me of Ratatouille’s Paris poster.

I would like to see some posters for Jewel and the other cast members, though. You know what would make my day? If they could get some duet vignette posters like Wall-E for Blu and Jewel. <3

Looks like I got my wish, but it’s a group shot with the [i:1txolf9e]same[/i:1txolf9e] pose of Blu in the woolen hat and looking terrified. :-\ Some new character poses, though I would have preferred to see individual character posters.

And that marmoset doing the ‘Peace Out’ pose… :roll: Gave me an aneurism.

At least Jewel looks lovely with the hibiscus (though how is she hanging it on her head? She has no ears).


[url=http&#58;//trailers&#46;apple&#46;com/trailers/fox/rio/:1txolf9e]Rio Apple Trailer[/url:1txolf9e]

On the [url=http&#58;//www&#46;youtube&#46;com/user/rioofilme:1txolf9e]official Rio channel[/url:1txolf9e] (and [url=http&#58;//www&#46;youtube&#46;com/user/FoxMalaysia:1txolf9e]Fox Malaysia[/url:1txolf9e]), there is what appears to be an international version of the 2nd trailer with additional scenes, more focus on the characters, and less of the ‘roll-calling’. I infinitely prefer this approach.

Interestingly, it turns out the toucan’s name is not Bobo, but Rafael.

It’s kind of frustrating me how the trailer producers are trying to make this look like an over-the-top comedy (and maybe it is, but I’m hoping there’s more to that). And why does Jewel keep attacking Blu?

Anyway, there are some memorable moments like [spoil]Blu looking out over the city of Rio while Jewel sleeps next to him, and Rafael’s little jig when he says "he knows everything".[/spoil] Hopefully this is another case of ‘Trailer-Deceptiritis’ that afflicted HTTYD and Despicable Me.

[url=http&#58;//www&#46;youtube&#46;com/watch?v=ZwfBEGLV4L0:1txolf9e]Rio Trailer 2 International[/url:1txolf9e]

Yes! A poster and a trailer, it’s my lucky day! I am so excited for this movie, you have no idea. I love Brazil! And my love of Brazil begin when I was younger with another Brazilian animated parrot

Anyway, overall I liked the trailer. A few times I laughed out loud, and a few other parts bothered me (I’m not a fan of burp jokes). But yeah, I’m psyched for this movie!

I like this poster.

I don’t really like the new poster, but I am looking forward to the movie. The new trailer’s nice. My lifelong friend is part Brazilian (and lived there for a long time), and her family even has a macaw! But it’s blue AND gold, not just blue. I’ve been to Rio before so I’d like to see how they capture it.

Does anyone notice a slight resemblance to Newt? I’m sure I’m not the first person to point that out.

Same here, looking forward to see how animated Rio compares! I think one of the newt topics here mentioned how Pixar met with Blue Sky about the similar stories.

Cheers! Steve

Yep, I think this might be one of the reasons it was cancelled. Also it’s just like Ice Age 2.

Yeah, I noticed the similarity to Newt very early on. I doubt that was intentional, though.

I quite like the character designs. And parrots rule. I love how there’s so many birds. Excluding penguins and Valiant, there haven’t been many animated films starring birds, now have there? D:

Oh, while I was reading up on my old copies of Farthing Wood Friends (some magazine that came out around the same time as the Animals of Farthing Wood, it’s mostly about animals, all kinds of animals) I noticed a rather blue-colored bird, and decided to look up the species on the internet…

Don’t you think that looks strikingly like Blu? :smiley:

Apparently, it’s the Spix’s Macaw and is really, really endangered. (there’s just 85 in captivity!) So I’m guessing that Blu is one too.

Oh, not to mention it’s been said that it lives in Brazil. That’s… more than a coincidence. xD

Dah, it’s Blu! Nice find Badger! Such a pretty bird!

Believe me, queen of painting, you’re not the first person to make that observation. :slight_smile:

Just Steve, what did Blue Sky reply, I’m curious to know?

The Three Caballeros was one of my favourite films as a kid, EJE. As a grown-up, I now realise it’s a little of a multiculturalist-propaganda campaign, but hey, it had a good message about learning more of foreign cultures!

Wow, that’s a great find, Badger! Which reminds me, i need to check out this Animals of Farthing Wood (I think I watched it as a kid, the opening sequence looks familiar).

I believe that somewhere in a Pixar Planet topic about newt is the following link: … canceled/#

At that link, and scrolling down to the comment by RatedG, is the following:

“I heard that newt was cancelled because a few months after that presentation, Blue Sky announced their movie Rio, which contains a similar plot about two Macaw, for a 2011 release just like Newt originally had. When Pixar found out, they were surprised, but went into talks with Blue Sky and decided to cancel Newt so Blue Sky could do Rio, this was why the date for Newt kept moving, Pixar wanted to hold onto the film but eventually decided to just cancel it…”

So that’s an unsubstantiated comment by a poster elsewhere, but it could be that Pixar met with Blue Sky and took the high road as a result. Rio is supposedly near and dear to Carlos Saldanha’s heart as Brazil is his homeland. Pixar may well have bowed out gracefully and made room for the other guy.

All speculation, of course, but…it fits.

Hope that helps! Steve

Haha you’re right! I did a report in 10th grade about “Racism, Sexism, and Propaganda in animated films” and The Three Caballeros basically made to suck up to our friends south of the border!

Thanks for the info, Just_Steve. That was very gracious of Pixar to do that, though I’m wondering why they didn’t just release Newt like they did with ABL, Finding Nemo, etc. Maybe Mr Saldhana asked nicely and wasn’t as revenge-driven as Mr Katzenberg. :slight_smile:

A similar thing happened with a small-time animation studio in Singapore called Egg Story. I actually did a semi-internship with them before they realised I was a foreigner and kicked me out, but they were planning a film called Kung Fu Gecko. Unfortunately, a certain kung-fu themed Dreamworks animated movie happened to be coming out in the same year they were planning its release. After an indefinite hiatus, the project was cancelled last year and the studio closed down. You can google or ‘Youtube’ the trailer Steve, if you’re interested. :wink:

Haha, eje. Do you still have a copy of that report? I’m interested to read it. Yeah, TTC was a little patronising, but again, it had good intentions, and probably the worst harm that came out of it was that kids would have stereotypical notions of their Southern neighbours. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the tip! I updated the around-the-world list. Much better to hear a story about Pixar making room for Rio than Darwinistic competition-cutting. Even so, it’s realistic to imagine that one day all CG features might be put out by Pixar, DreamWorks, or Blue Sky, with all others fallen by the wayside.

Anyway, looking forward to Rio and hoping it does well for Blue Sky. Anne Hathaway and Leslie Mann have lovely voices–it will be great to hear them amidst all the colour. And it wouldn’t be a total surprise if newt came back one day when the endangered-species-procreation dust settles.

Cheers! Steve