RIP Elizabeth Pena

The voice of Mirage has passed away at age 55. … story.html

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It would have gotten lost in the shuffle if I did that.

When I heard the news, I was shocked. Honestly, I didn’t think Elizabeth Pena would do Mirage justice, but she played her character beautifully nonetheless. It’s so sad. When I watch TI again, I’m gonna watch Mirage and think “wow, she’s gone…” Rest in Peace Elizabeth Pena.

“Valuing life if not weakness.” Mirage

RIP Elizabeth Pena.

Wait, if she’s dead, what about her character in TI2? Is she going to be replaced(in a similar situation when Jim Varney passed away) or is she just going to be written out completely?

I wouldn’t be surprised if she just wasn’t in it to begin with, to be honest.

In order for a certain character to be re-cast, they have to find a voice double.

I think Mirage’s character has fulfilled her purpose in teh first movie. In video games following, she was working as an ally to the Supers, which gave her character a little closure. But I don’t think she is really needed in the second movie. I wouldn’t be surprised if she isn’t. But i think it would be cool if Brad Bird found some subtle way to pay homage to her (via easter egg or reference)

I was shocked when I heard that. Now, when I make an Incredible fanfic, I plan to honor her by making Mirage’s real name Elizabeth Pena (I’m sure we all know “Mirage” is likely a code name, unless her parents were hippies).
Rest in Peace, Ms. Pena.

Unless they nab Sofia Vegara to voice Mirage, but most likely Mirage will get written out with a simple cameo or 2 with a memorial dedicated to Ms. Pena’s work.

Vegara has a terrible voice for animation, so it’s probably best that Mirage is retired. Pena was one of a kind.