What do you think WALL-E, EVE, M-O, or Auto would look like if they were humans?

That’s a really interesting question, Axiom. With some of the characters, it’s hard even to define the sort of age they’d be, let alone what they’d look like! For example, with WALL-E, he’s clearly quite old in robot terms but as a human, he acts quite childlike. But the way in which he falls in love with EVE makes me think of him as perhaps being a bit older…I really don’t know. Even saying something like early twenties seems weird. It’s the same with EVE, though in terms of her personality, she seems older than WALL-E.

So as for what they’d look like, well, I think EVE would have blonde hair, and be quite tall and slim, with pale skin. WALL-E, I’m not sure of…I just can’t imagine him as anything other than a robot! :laughing:

I don’t know why, but I picture WALL-E with glasses and a bow tie.

Very interesting question.

I’ve recently thought of drawing them in my mind. Though I see them as little children.

For WAll-E, I saw him as this little red and orange-haired boy with these goggles on his eyes. Kind of a scrappy liitle boy, who likes to get dirty and such. He’d have a goldenrod-colored t-shirt with some black-and-white striped sleeves on the end, and some Greypants with some stains, most likely from trudging through his local creekbed. For shoes, he’d have some brown ones with some little treads on teh bottom that rotated. He also has a backpack on with his name on it.

For EVE, I saw her as being this little Chinese or Japanese girl, with blue eyes. Though EVE wears a white plasitc coat and has white leggings and boots. She also has a white backpack as well. Her plastic coat has a white hood that she keeps up, hiding her long black hair. The hood I feel is a way to make her head look like EVE’s in the film.

M-O I’m still trying to figure out. Though I see him as a little boy whose mother was very much into keeping him neat and clean. He doesn’t go anywhere without a tiny bottle of hand sanitizer. In fact, I saw this scene.

(Wall-E as a kid, gets onto a school bus, and just casually sits down next to a kid who looks like M-O. Though Wall-E is filthy, M-O is just really clean. Of course, Wall-E extends a hand greeting)
W: I’m Wall-E
(M-O looks at the dirty hand. He instinctively takes out a bottle of sanitizer, rubs some on WAll-E’s hand and his own, before shaking hands)
M: I’m M-O.
W: M-O?
M: M-O.

I wanted to do an image of my human Wall-E riding piggyback on EVE, and her having her boots be kind of like rocket boots. Wall-E would look really sick, and EVE would have an urgency to get him to somewhere for medical attention.

I also thought maybe Hal would be the equivalent of a scruffy little puppy. Give WAll-E and Hal in human and animal form, a boy and his dog feel.

Axiom- Haha, now you say it, you’re absolutely right- he would suit glasses and a bow tie! :laughing:

These descriptions would be if they were kids in a school.

WALL-E- A bit querky, shy, always trying to impress EVE. He’s dirty, yet organized. He collects anything he finds in the school yard that is deemed uncool. He wears a bow tie, glasses, and wrinkled, old clothing. Usually in the back of the classroom. He is unpoplular and gets into sticky situations.

M-O- Short, fast-talking, and always asking the teacher for disinfectent. He has to get good grades and keep his books organized. While helping his friend, VAQ-M who has many allergies, he keeps pestering WALL-E to cleanup. He usually keeps dental floss in his pocket for lunch.

EVE- The popular girl who everyone likes and is good at everything. She has dark hair, lots of friends. and likes to be involved in everything, but can take any bully down with a karate chop(similar to her defense with her gun). She never seems to notice WALL-E. She wears expensive and popular clothing.

Auto- The teacher’s pet who has very good posture, good grammar, and amazing knowledge. He is tall, thin, and usually makes some sort of plan with his pal, GO-4. People think he is annoying, but are afraid to push him around because of the way he talks and acts. He wears a suit.

GO-4- He doesn’t say much, but is the lackey of Auto. He runs very fast, works in the school office, and is sort of a tattle-tale. He can occasionally take people’s things out of lockers to see if there is anything that can be reported. He wears plain clothing. He is good at dodge ball!

I’m also adding the humans if they were kids!

Captain- Chubby and tired, he dreams of playing all the sports and becoming the school hero.

Shelby Forthright- He usually speaks business jargon and is already creating a school business with his friends (probably the future BnL board of directors!)

It is too hard to compare Wall-e characters with real people. And, actually, do they need our comparison?
The story is about robots. Their age, intelligence and even appearance are not specified - that is not needed. People [who liked Wall-e] were overwhelmed about how the humans those robots were - that is quite enough.
But, if YOU CAN imagine - that is good for you :wink:

Not sure about AUTO and M-O, but Emmy Cicierega (little sister of Neil Cicierega of Lemon Demon and Potter Puppet Pals fame) has visually thrown in her two cents on WALL-E and EVE on her LiveJournal here. :slight_smile:

We had this exact conversation/dilemma around Halloween. How it turned out … well, you be the judge.

I’m pretty pleased with how retrofuture EVE came out, personally. The plant icon even lit up.

I envisioned much the same with this question as you did, uruseiranma. Wall-E, like lizardgirl said, is 700 years old and that puts him right into a wheelchair, or in this case a hoverchair, tee hee. The hoverchair has broken down too, so he has those treads underneath it for stability and to get around. He is sick and wears a scrappy bathrobe. He is bald, with shrunken facial features, but still needs to see “Hello Dolly” so he wears these big glasses with thick lenses, like the bottom of a coke bottle. He perpetually holds a remote and is almost always smiling. Poor Wall-E.

Next to him is Eve, in a kimono or nurses outfit, attending to his needs. She wears a permanent light smile. And indeed has black hair, balled up with a stick thru the middle of it.

I personally imagine WALL•E and EVE as young kids, not necessarily in age, but in personality.

WALL•E: He’d be average height, average build, brown hair with big brown eyes. swoon I’ve seen drawings of him as an actual garbage man, or garbage truck operator, but I think of him more as a mechanic or a scientist. It’s because his inquisitive personality makes him perfect for those professions of wanting to know how things work. He would also make for a good inventor because he thinks outside of the box.

EVE: Average to tall height (which is weird because she is essentially just an egg in the movie), white hair in a bob, blue eyes, wearing a white mid-thigh length dress with white stockings and patent white flat shoes. From top to toe, everything about her would be immaculate. And she’d speak, like, at least 5 languages and giggle a lot.

M-O: Black hair, kinda short, with a very boyish face… He’d definitely have OCD or at least be a neat freak. He’d be quietly confident, and a bit energetic around his friends. For some reason I see him being a soccer player.

I never thought of EVE as being Japanese before, but it does sort of make sense since she goes like this sometimes: :slight_smile: and that facial expression reminds me of an anime character somewhat.

I can only picture them something along the lines of 3rd graders in a school. I picture M-O as hyperactive, short and extremely fast.

I know, you see the Wall-E characters as being elementary school kids. Personally, I see them as teens in a fancy prep school called Axiom High. Here’s my description (Reject-Bots included!):

WALL•E: He’s some nerdy-type of boy (though somewhat moody) with oily brown hair (with yellow/black highlights) and blue eyes. He wears large glasses, crooked braces, a stained golden-yellow uniform shirt (sleeves rolled up), brown fingerless gloves with black/white stripe details (gloves are long), a loose yellow/brown-striped tie, worn out brown slacks, tread-printed loafers, and has NO sense of hygiene (He could even have a name tag that reads “Hello, my name is WALL•E”, or underpants with his name on them! =D). He fills his locker with useless knick-knacks, carries his books in a picnic cooler, and listens to music on an old Walkman (talk about being stuck in the 80s!). He usually sits in class, ignoring his teachers and staring at the girl right next to him (EVE), trying to pass her a love note. Also, “Put On Your Sunday Clothes” is his ringtone! For some reason, I think he’d be really ticklish.

EVE: She’s a popular girl in botany class (botany is the study of plants, for those of you who don’t know). She has bobbed white hair, turquoise blue eyes, wears a white button-front ¾ sleeve shirt, layered with a white sweater-vest (w/plant symbol pin and thin blue belt), paired up with a short white skirt (w/blue ribbon bow), and topped off with white mid-thigh length socks and white high-heeled Mary Janes. She listens to music on an iPod, is usually focused on all her classes, and has a sweet, outgoing personality (one of her trademarks is giggling). She is dating WALL•E, and all her popular friends despise her for that, saying “You’re dating a garbage boy? Puh-lease!”. Also, she is a vegan, and you know how they ban weapons in school― the teachers gave her a special permit =D !

M-O: For some reason, I see M-O as being more of a snob. He has neatly combed black hair, hazel eyes, a white button-down shirt, a white blazer (w/his name), a gray tie, black slacks, and gray loafers. He carries sanitizer and disinfectant spray, so he has the cleanest desk and locker in school. He is a bully, however, using a Swiffer Wet Jet to forcefully clean those who are covered in foreign contaminant. Over time, he learns to be nice to the unhygienic, and become friends with WALL•E (although their friendship is somewhat on/off). Also, he talks with a snobby voice tone, and owns a gray iPod.

AUTO: The evil principal of Axiom High. He dislikes plants (though allows botany to be taught), and is forcing teachers to teach the students to become enslaved to the Axiom passengers’ every whim. He dresses in a business suit and has black hair (w/a white streak) covering one of his eyes (which are red). For some reason, I imagine him speak with the voice of Darth Vader (I’m kind of a Star Wars fan too).

GO-4: The overseer of the detention room; he is Auto’s law enforcer. GO-4 is in charge of the Halt Monitors (the Stewards =D !), who patrol the school to catch any “Rogue Students”. He has been ordered by Auto to confiscate anything that can send the Axiom home, especially plants. He is dressed in a police officer’s uniform (although his character reminds me of Grand Moff Tarkin—again, Star Wars), and has a hidden camera on his police badge.

VAQ-M: He’s a boy with navy-blue hair; and is always sick with dust allergies, so his skin is pale, and his eyes are dark. He wears a light blue, long-sleeved button-front shirt, and a navy-blue sweater-vest w/argyle print across the chest, along with blue slacks, and loafers. He carries tissue packets with him all the time, just in case he sneezes. Sometimes, he spends his time at the nurse’s office, where he is given allergy medicine. Not much too him, really. Oh, he owns a Zune.

PR-T: This girl has been voted the “Favorite Fashionista of Axiom High” for two years in a row. She has long, pink hair (usually in bouncy curls or some other ridiculous hairdo), light blue eyes, and wears a lot of pink clothing. She usually wears a pink shirt, layered with a pink sweater-vest (w/flower pins), a pink mini-skirt with polka dots, pink knee-highs, pink pumps, and pink gloves, all accessorized with tacky pink jewelry. She has an attitude similar to Sharpay Evans (High School Musical), but mostly compliments people, saying “You look gorgeous!” (maybe even texting it as “YLG” on her cell). However, she spends more time on her hair, makeup, and manicures more than she spends time studying. I was also thinking of making the song “Fabulous”, from HSM 2, her ringtone… Maybe it could also be on her pink iPod!

VN-GO: In art class, VN-GO is a true artist. He loves to splatter paint all over his canvas, and usually sings to whatever is playing on WALL•E’s Walkman. He has golden-blond hair, brown eyes, a white uniform shirt (with paint stains), a tie with paint-splatter print, tan slacks, orange coat, loafers, and a gray beret. However, the Halt Monitors have tried to bust him for “redecorating” the lockers using spray paint =O! Also, he has an orange iPod.

HAN-S: I sort of imagine HAN-S as a kickboxer who can also do Shiatsu massages. He has messy purple hair with blue highlights, wears a blue shirt, purple pants, a white coat, loafers, and a tie with blue/purple stripes. He can be tough at times, but usually gets help from the school counselor, and sometimes participates in a seminar for emotionally disturbed children. Owns a purple iPod.

D-FIB: For some reason, D-FIB turned out to be more of a rocker chic with an electric personality. She has mint-green hair (her hairstyle looks somewhat similar to the girls from the Go-Go’s or the Bangles), blue eyes, a white shirt, layered with a mint green sweater-vest (accessorized with rocker-style pins and a plaid tie), a pleated white mini-skirt with two vertical mint-green stripes, mint-green knee-length leggings, high-top sneakers with glitter, mint green fingerlings, and a leather choker with a disc-shaped charm. She takes a first-aid class, and has become quite fond of using a defibrillator. Also, she wears dark nail polish. Owns a Zune.

L-T: L-T is a short, little girl, with bobbed curly blond hair, blue-green eyes, a yellow shirt (w/ orange tie), a yellow skirt with two horizontal orange stripes, white socks, black Mary Janes, and a bright personality. She is afraid of the dark, so she sleeps with a night-light. She usually carries a flashlight with her around school, mainly to look for her books in her locker. People often describe her as having a face that lightens up the atmosphere around her. However, she can be somewhat clumsy. Owns a yellow iPod.

BRL-A: To me, I see this dude as being a hunky-type of guy who would work at a hotel pool or beach resort, bringing drinks, towels, or even setting up umbrellas for people. In his case, he has a part-time job on the Axiom’s lido deck during after-school hours, opening and closing umbrellas for lazy passengers. He has blue hair, dark blue eyes, is extremely tall, wears a polo shirt (w/ blue and white stripes), has white slacks, striped loafers, and a sun visor that reads “Lido Deck”. BRL-A is usually laid-back, sometimes uses a surfer accent (although I see him as a blue-haired version of Oliver, from Hannah Montana), and usually carries his umbrella around school. Also, he likes sunglasses, and has a blue iPod.

So, there you have it: the students (and staff) from Axiom High!

Hey Wall-e Crazy,
I think your ideas are great.
Turning them into High school students is cool.
I don’t think anybody has done that yet.

I have ideas about what these guys would be like as humans, but those ideas actually became back stories, and the “humanizations” became real characters, and are therefore too complex to write about all at once without either boring you guys or making you go cross-eyed. I’ll save you the misery. :laughing:

little chef

That’s ok. You could always leave a link on this thread to your art and then the people here can read your comments on dA. :wink:

I love when people A. Make WALL-E shorter than EVE and B. give him goggles. Goggles just seem more fitting than glasses to me, cause WALL-E has really good eyesight and all.

Hey, Netbug. Have you ever tried drawing a humanized WALL•E and EVE? I’d like to see how you do them. :wink:

A lot of WALL•E humanizations I’ve seen have goggles on the head that resemble his eyes. Just browse my deviantART favorites!

See now, I don’t like it at all when people give him goggles. It’s so unrealistic, no matter how much it makes him look “more like” WALL•E.

Opinion again. xDD I guess that’s just my whole view on how personality and characterization in humanizations are more important to me than making them “look” like their robotic counterpart. I mean, to a degree they should resemble them, but going to such lengths as making EVE a cyborg with a gun in her arm or how every ounce of the character’s clothing looks exactly like the robot is taking it a bit too far, for me, at least. :stuck_out_tongue:

little chef