Rock-itpop's graphics!

Just a few graphics I made while messing around on PhotoScape:

I’ll probably post more at some point. :stuck_out_tongue:

Feel free to use, but please credit me if you do!

I love love love the sig! I can’t wait to see what else you post!

I really like the sig :smiley: I also love the Wheezy avatar. Wheezy was my favorite character from Toy Story 2, and I was sad he wasn’t in the third one.

Thanks guys!

I’m working on a sig right now.

A few more:

Awwwwww… <3 I love them all, but I especially like the Monsters, Inc. one. It’s just adorable. Sully and Boo are so cute together. That quote you chose to go with it matches perfectly, and it’s so true 8D

I like the Beauty and the Beast/Toy Story 2/Ice Age 2 ones <3

I like the rotating couples avatar! Very nice, I’m glad Manny and Ellie are in it!

I asked one of my friends to name a cute cartoon couple, and she said Manny and Ellie. :slight_smile:

lol, that’ works! I like them!

“Does my butt look big?”
“Why thank you!!!”

Haha, it also helps that I’m a fan of Ray Romano and Queen Latifah!

I like Manny and Ellie, no matter how much most people are anti-Ice Age. I love the movies!!

i was super bored, and this is what came out of it:

Not my best work, but I kinda like them.

And, funny thing is, the “I Love Food” and “National Geographic” stamps are part of the software I use. :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL I love the Nat Geo one of Flik and Dot! That’s amazing, how’d you come up with that?

My dad has a book of picture from National Geographic, and one of the pictures was of carpenter ants.

Ha, very nice. Nat Geo and a bugs life are some of my favorite things, so them combined is just amazing.

Obviously I made this sig just for myself, but I do quite like it.

I like your new sig rock-itpop, excellent use of blur!


you know what I realized? I had no Cars graphics.
so I made this:

Mater for the win! I hope you do more Cars graphics as well!

I love the Mater, but my favorite is definitely the Carl/Russell one. <3