Route 66 Needs Saving!

Hi guys. I’ve loved Cars since I was about 10 years old, and didn’t realize how deeply rooted it was in the history of the real Route 66 until just a few weeks ago. Just this week Route 66 got put on one of the 11-most endangered sites in America list, and has, like the town of Radiator Springs, been bypassed and forgotten in many areas.

But there’s still hope! There’s a petition to help Save Route 66 out right now, by giving it a special historic designation as a National Historic Trail. I signed it this morning, and was hoping that some of my fellow Pixar nerds might be interested in doing so too. Even Michael Wallis (the voice of Sheriff, and an author of Route 66 books himself) is helping pitch in.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can click through below. These guys do great work, honestly. They saved a big historic building near where I live a few years ago, and it’s been doing so much better ever since. But

Learn More About 11-Most: … zZV5tIzpPZ
The Petition: … 1521162975