Saving Mr. Banks

I’m quite interested in this. The make-or-break for me is how Hanks will handle the role, and whether the relationship between him and Travers is portrayed as strained and unstable as it apparently was.

I am so looking forward to this film! To my knowledge Tom has never failed in a dramatic role and Emma Thompson is awesome! I’m sure it’ll be great.

I really liked the trailer for this! I’ll be seeing it, how about you guys? :sunglasses:

I gotta admit this looks quite interesting. The trailer looks very good and I really wanna see how Tom does portraying Walt. I have confidence he’ll do a good job though.

I hope to see it this week. This has been a film I’ve been looking forward to all year.

One friend of mine has already seen it, and was not at all impressed. Too much historical errors (such as a poster for WDW although it wasn’t even a thought in Walt’s Head) that are distracting to super Disney fans. I’ll make the judgement for myself, but I’m still excited for it.

It’s Tom Hanks after all!

Well I saw it and I thought it was quite good. Its a bit of an emotional roller coaster in the sense that there’s a heavy storyline running through it. It’s not totally the whimsical “This is how we made Mary Poppins” thing the trailers make it out to be. That element is there, [spoil]but it kinds goes back and forth between that and the much more emotional backstory of P.L. Travers[/spoil] I wasnt sure at first if Tom Hanks would be believable for me as Walt, but he nailed it. Walt is portrayed as everything you’d expect him to be. He was witty, creative, friendly, determined, and when the time came for it, very understanding.

I was going to see this a couple of weeks ago, but it was sold out. :cry:

Got to see Saving Mr. Banks a couple weeks ago and being a massive (classic and current) Disney fan, I absolutely loved it. Hit all of the right, emotional notes. It’s really PL Travers’ story and you absolutely get the sense why she was so protective of Mary Poppins. Emma Thompson is fantastic. The scenes in Australia are wonderful, truly delving into who she is and her relationship with her father. It never gets too syrupy. Tom Hanks is perfect as Walt Disney. He absolutely gets him down and I forgot I was watching an actor play him. He is that good. The screenplay never sugarcoats Walt Disney. It really shows his stubborn side and his persistence in getting what he wanted. Jason Schwartzman and BJ Novak are absolutely delightful as the Sherman Bros and Paul Giamatti has a nice role as Travers’ cheery driver. Most importantly, it follows the Disney rule of “for every laugh, there should be a tear”. The ending and assorted scenes really got to me. I also have to give props to Thomas Newman’s magnificent score, which nicely compliments the classic Sherman Bros songs. In the end, Saving Mr. Banks is about why authors feel so strongly about their stories and why the adaptation process can be so difficult.

I wanted this to win Best picture.

I rented that movie last winter and enjoyed it! Mom and I laughed at the part where that one lady came into her hotel room and found Mickey and Friends plushies all over the place!