Scheree's art

hello. i’m new to

the forums :slight_smile:
been nice to me, pleeaase. haha

i have some fanart it

[b][url=boo. i'm a monster too by scheree on DeviantArt

n%3Ascraps]Boo! i’m a monster[/url][/b] because she’s so cute
and because i’m a complete nut

[b][url=Chitta and Tobe by scheree on DeviantArt

s]Chitta and Tobe[/url][/b]
Chitta and Tobe, Car’s versions of me and my best friends cars


i must try find where i stored my Incredible sketches :wink:

Hi there! Welcome to Pixar


Your Boo pic is very cute! I faved it over on dA. :wink:


Aww, very

sweet, with lots of lovely colours! Like your style, too. :smiley:

Excellent pic of Boo. I loved it. I can’t wait to see more.

sqee thanks alot everyone :slight_smile:


Boo picture is so cute! And I really like the Cars one too! I’ve seen a few people doing Cars art like that. I

saw one that did the reverse too actually. They took the Cars and turned them into people!

I’ve seen lots of that too. I’m rather disturbed by some of it, as it seems

do be drawn by shippers… Shudders

Nice art. Boo looks so cute!

I can’t

wait to see thouse. I love the Incredibles.

Those ones really freak me

out- they’re really not made to be human!

I’m loving your ‘Boo’ drawing – it’s really cute! You are a very talented artist. :slight_smile:

[b]That is a good drawing of


wow again, thanks alot everyone


I couldn’t find any of my Vi/Dash sketches (seems they’re all in storage : ( sad face) but i

finished up something possibly better



Vi/Dash art

i think the colours are abit off gags at Dash’s hair but otherwise great, what do you


Nice, I love the shading! :smiley:

Violet looks so adorable. Dash looks so cute. This a great job. I can’t wait to

see more.

I love your Violet/Dash drawing. It looks as if they are lost in a warehouse or something…

Wonderful artwork, scheree. :wink:

Very cute Vi/Dash

pic, scheree! :wink:

Dash’s hair is kinda tricky. It takes practice. I still

have trouble drawing his hair when he’s in a front view.


scheree: I can’t wait to see

more artwork from you. You are so talented. Please draw more.

PS: If you take requests, can you please

draw more Incredibles?

Yeah it creeped me out too! And i was totally disapointed with the way they

did the Doc Human. My friend Dawn tells me she found someone who took the Nemo characters and made them human.

She says its good but hasnt sent me the link so I cant personally comment…

where is that pic ? i’m interested to see how they made him look .

Hey everyone. thanks for all

the wonderful comments :3

Sorry for being rather inactive. Hopefully I’ll have some new pixar art soon


In the mean time, i’ve got something a little different to put up.

See way back at the begining

of the year I had an assignment at collage to get an annual report for a business and design the booklet for

And I chose Pixar
So here I have some photo’s I just took of the finished

Front cover,

Inside 1,

Inside 2,

Inside 3,

Inside 4,

Inside 5,

Inside 6
(i can take more

photo’s if any wants to see some more)

I had to read the entire report to reformate it for this. The book

in its self is 90 pages long excluding the covers. I used every resourse I had at the time to finds images to use

including posters, magizines and stickers because it had to be of print quality.
it was quite a fun assignment


And last, this isn’t really pixar related at all but there are some Pixar things in it (it was an

inside joke amongst me and my friends)
[url=]Over the

I’m just wondering how many Pixar fans can pick `em up. There’s only oooh two I think. One

is super easy while the other is …hard-ish, there may even be a third but even I’m not sure anyone 'll pick

it up (I only just did XD).
So who ever can pick up the hard one/s can request some pixar art :wink: since this

is a pixar forum, yeah

edit: ahaha I talk too much