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If you use them, please credit me.
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[size=75]from Fri

Oct 27, 2006[/size]
I did these a while back and thought it would be nice to share :wink: Mostly

Monsters Inc. because it’s my favorite movie. I hope to get more done from the other movies soon : )
If you

use them, please credit me
And no hotlinking

all 100x100


Monsters Inc

Finding Nemo

hope you all like them as much as i do. they’re so much

fun to make

Wow, they’re all so cool! I love the OMG one, and the BOOM one, and that Finding Nemo

one…They’re really neat. :smiley:

g the i am SO using the nemo one . thanx :wink:

Wow –

they’re all very neat. Awesome work, scheree! I especially love the “But what about the monsters?” and

“Shhh…” avatars. :smiley:

Will you be making any Ratatouille avatars

in the future? Just a thought…


are cool!![/b]

Hey folks!
Just to prove that I am alive and kicking

(somewhere) I’ve got a bunch of new avators to post!

Thanks for all the nice comments and

Mitch, yes I have some Ratatouille ones coming :wink: but it’ll be a few days

before I post them.

For now here’s some from the first 5 minutes of A Bugs life.
I can’t wait till I

attack teh rest of the film.

A Bugs life

Incredible work. I love how you used a lot of elements from the movie to create creative graphics and other

icons. You truely amaze me. Wonderful work.

Can I make a request? Could you make Incredibles icons



thanks much Star Swordsman, I shall attack the Incredibles next. Any scene in particular?

Dibs on the

berry bug ! :laughing:

Nice work schree , very well done . Also , do you mind if I request a few

“cars” ones , and maybe a few more finding nemo . :wink:

Wow, great avatars! The twig of 93 always makes me

chuckle. :smiley:

Wow – great job! I absolutely

love your new collection of A Bug’s Life avatars, as the color really shows out.

Beautifully work! I have to use that “Oh dear” one… :laughing:

And I must admit that I can’t wait

for the Ratatouille avatars, either! :smiley:

Well, I would

prefer a Violet or a Helen icon. As for scene wise, maybe anything is fine, but I would love to


At school
At home
At the

In the ocean
In the jungle
When Helen puts her hair back
Fighting back


Glory Days

At E’s
in the Ocean
When she puts Vi’s hair back
Fightng bad guys

And here are the Ratatouille one’s as promised :wink:


Here’s some geeky facts behind these!
With the [i]'That is just

gross/What is that?'[/i] avators, the text colouring is actully straight from Remy’s fur.
‘Run, for the cheese!’ came about because I loooove cheese.
and ‘What a dangerous life I lead’ was purposly done like the monsters Inc. ‘child contamination alert’ because it’s just awsome :smiley:


to come, some Violet/Helen ones as requested by The Star Swordsman. (and possibly The Incredibles in general as

well ;D
As for the other films in general, I’m getting there slowly. Making

these takes a few good hours ya`know.

Enjoy and Smiles!

What can I say, the Ratatouille ones look rather Incredible. My favorite one will have to be

the “what a dangerous life I lead” one. Nice job. I can’t wait for the Incredibles ones.

Aww , my faovrite is the 2D Remy with the purple outline , it’s the cutest of

the bunch !

Wow, those are great! The

busted one is funny. :smiley:

scheree - Ahhh!! Oh my

gosh, you are in my debt! I must pay you back… No really, how much do you want? I think I have $20 bucks on me


I’m not kidding – I’m sweating right now, I’m so excited! Those look absolutely

fantastic!! Great job beyond all brilliance, I must say! I can’t help but think

that you made that “somewhere out there is in love with your smile” one for me…but I’m probably just

geeking out from the awesomeness.

Thank you sooooo much!! I have to put one

of these on!! :smiley: :smiley:

hugs scheree almost to choking point

Yeaah :slight_smile: I’m sooo glad every one likes the the Ratatouille

ones (specially you Mitch hehe)
Anywho, here’s the start of The Star Swordsman’s request of some

Helen/Violet icons.
I got sidetracked so I didn’t get as far into the film as I wanted but on the upside

I’ve got some miscil Incredibles icons to post later.

The Incredibles

I’m having so much fun making these. More to come


Those are so awesome!!! I was

wondering of you could make me some Edna Mode ones please. :smiley:

Wow! I’ve never really been to this forum, and I’m not much of a graphic person…But these

avs are absolutely awesome!

As you can see,

scheree, I’m now using one of your bee-uu-tiful avatars!

Thank you so much! :smiley: