Selling & Buying of Goods on Pixar Planet

Due to an incident taking place on the Pixar Planet forums recently, the Pixar Planet Staff has decided to revise the rules of the forum, particularly on about trading goods from one Pixar Planet member to another.

Please be advised that effective immediately, public trade of goods, tangible or intangible, for money or another item of value, is not permitted on any section of the Pixar Planet forum. This is done to protect you and other members on the Pixar Planet forums.

Furthermore, soliciting to sell your own goods on an external site or service (on eBay, for example) either publicly or through our Private Messaging system is not permitted. Posting links to auctions, listings, etc. of other members or non-members is permitted on the condition that it is relevant to the discussion of the topic. Unless given permission by Pixar Planet staff, members are not allowed to create a new thread that refers to a listing, auction, etc. If a link is deemed to be of a soliciting value by Pixar Planet staff, the link will be removed.

Failure to comply to these rules will follow with serious consequences.

This rule does not apply to the Pixar Planet Trading Post, which is operated by a member of [i]Pixar Planet Staff /i, and is also of a non-profit nature.

We, the staff at Pixar Planet, take our member safety, including financial security, very seriously. We hope you understand and abide by these new rules. On behalf of all of the administrators and moderators who are working their best to keep your community safe and secure, we thank you for your co-operation.

Duly noted.

But the trading post by Mitch wasnt even being used last time i saw it? This is just an idea, but couldnt we just make one universal thread for selling/trading? As long as a disclaimer is posted, the forum cannot be held responsible for any problems. Sites like TheFwoosh and Rebelscum use this system and it seems to work.

Thanks Phileas. I think this is a really good idea to protect all Pixar Planet members. In today’s internet dominated world it is so eay to be scammed, and I do not like seeing that here.

They’re not going to do this because they don’t want to be responsible for any problems that occur, they do this because they don’t want any problems to occur in the first place (as mentioned in the post). :wink:

So if you mention on an art thread of yours you’re offering commissions on a site like Deviantart, you could get permission from a mod to post that?

If not, can you still link to your Deviantart profile with comission information in one of the sections (a journal or something) if you don’t mention this in your post on PP? As in: people will only find out you’re doing commissions if they browse through your profile.

Czarine: I talked to TDIT about mentioning that I’m taking commissions in my sig, and he said it was fine by him. :wink:

I would simply ask a mod’s permission to do so, first, I guess. :slight_smile:

little chef

Thanks, Rood, that’s what I wanted to know. :slight_smile: