SheriffChick's Fanfiction

I just posted this story up at under the same name i use here.

[url][/url] go to the story: Second Chances.

The story will surrounds the characters from the movie, Cars. But Lightning, Sheriff, OC, are the main characters.

I will post up chapters during the weekends due to my busy schdules but i update asap.

Rated T for safety reasons.

It’s looking good ShreiffChick! Keep it up!


The second chapter is now up on fanfiction.

I’m on a roll on this story. Might have chapter 3 up sometime tomorrow or tomorrow night.

That’s quite good so far! I’m 12, and when I saw the “T” warning at first I didn’t want to read it, but so far I haven’t seen anything bad.

Keep it up! :wink:

I have changed the name of the story, it the same story but now it called A Little Thing Called Love.

And thanks for those who been reading it. I’ll try to update as soon as i can.

Keep it up SheriffChick! Really nice job.

I like it! Interesting that [spoil]McQueen’s adoptive mother is a Hudson Hornet[/spoil] I’ll be eager to read more!

thanks for the positive remarks about my story, and i’m been trying my hardest to update any time i can get.

I’m working on chapter 6 right now but it properly won’t be up until this weekend.

Thanks again