Been awhile since I started a new discussion thread, so I thought I’d mark my return from hiatus with one for Bond’s own comeback. Skyfall should be out in US theatres by now (Singapore got it last week and Oz is end of this month).

You can read my review (as well as find which Pixarian saved the spy’s studio from the brink of death) by clicking on the links in my sig. Or here for dA and here for Tumblr.

For anyone who’s seen it, what are your thoughts on the Commander’s 23rd screen adventure?

One of the best recent bond movies without a doubt. I’ll be getting it when it comes out on dvd for sure. I thought it was a great film :slight_smile:

I’ll see it in December. Can’t wait!

I don’t plan on watching the movie. But I heard the theme song, and loved it! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums, Buzz! And yeah, this one is definitely a home-video keeper!

IV: Would it still be in cinemas by then? I reckon so, seeing it’s a blockbuster. I think it just came out in the US last week? Big box-office records in UK and various countries, something like biggest opening for a film in Britain or sumthin like that.

Vincent: Oh, the movie’s definitely worth your time. I dunno if they have pirated videos in Taiwan like in Malaysia… not that I’m suggesting you get bootleg copies. :wink: Adele’s song is really magnificent, I can’t stop listening to it.

Pirated stuff? It’s EVERYWHERE on the internet.
Not that I should do it, though.

I liked the movie quite a lot, although I admittedly have not seen any other Bond films. :blush: I’m getting to that.

What’s to be ashamed of? I haven’t watched ANY Bond films.

:open_mouth: Go. Now. Watch them all in order. I’ll expect a full report by Monday.


I shall heed your word, Virginia! :laughing:

(First post here in MONTHS, oh boy.)

Overall I enjoyed this movie a lot when I saw it. (Went with some people from work with an ex-work friend sort of as a way to say goodbye).

Overall the action scenes were top notch and I found the villian to be mostly amusing and scary at the same time. I think the only thing I didn’t like was when the girl was shot and Bond was so non-nonchalant about it. It was rather disappointing, but then Bond is pretty much ‘broken’ and off in many ways even when he’s bringing his A game and isn’t technically traumatized…

I loved [spoil]Eve[/spoil] though I must say. I think she acted a lot like what a regular person would act like thrown into that sort of situation, and she was still awesome for it.

Also apparently the new Bond has been chosen! Idris Elba? Interesting choice if so- I hear he’s a good actor though! Might have to check out some of his stuff to see what he’s like for myself.

I really loved it. Éven though some flaws have been pointed out, I just reallllly like it. 8D

I don’t think it’s been confirmed it’ll be him, but I know that a couple of the actors have said they’d like to see him play Bond one day, and a lot of people think he’d be good. Daniel Craig is signed on for a couple more movies though, so if Idris is the new Bond, it won’t be for a few years.

Skyfall is the first James Bond film I’ve seen the entirity of. TBH I only saw it because my friends wanted to, but I really enjoyed it. I thought it was really well filmed and I liked the villain. The only thing that bugged me about it was the woman (can’t remember her name, sorry) who Bond meets in the casino. Her character didn’t really do much other than provide him with some information. I read that the actress did film more scenes, so maybe she had a bigger role orignally, but in the finished movie the character didn’t really seem as important as the marketing made her out to be. But the rest of the film was great :slight_smile:

I think [spoil]Vesper’s demise[/spoil] in Casino Royale pretty much made him immune to any future love-interest deaths. I felt his comeback to Silva’s taunt (“I think it’s a waste of good scotch”) before killing all the henchmen was an appropriate reaction, but yes, he moved on pretty quickly from that fling.

Severin’s her name. A common plot point in Bond films is there will be two Bond girls. One usually doesn’t live to see the credits (sometimes she’ll be in cahoots with the villain and betray Bond), while the other (usually good one) will be in bed with him in the last scene.

As SoA and I have pointed out in the Movies thread, there are huge logic gaps in Skyfall.

But it’s a fitting tribute to half a century of Bond, and I’m so proud Adele won an Oscar for her magnificent theme song.

Thanks for explaining. I thought it might be some kind of Bond Girl tradition, but as I haven’t watched the other movies I wasn’t really sure. I read in Empire magazine that the filmmakers said that the point where Bond delivers his one-line to Silva is him taking back control over the movie.

:laughing: at the comic. yeah, the plan relied on a LOT of foresight and luck on Silva’s part.

I find it interesting that the whole [spoil]villain gets himself captured on purpose[/spoil] plotline seems pretty popular lately. (mild spoilers for two recent superhero movies)[spoil]The Joker did it in The Dark Knight, Loki does it in The Avengers][/spoil] . Well okay, that’s only three movies, but they’re all some of the highest grossing films of recent times.

I heard on the radio that they may start filming the next Bond film by the end of the year, based on something one of the actors accidentally said. I know the past couple of films suffered delays due to financial problems, but hopefully the success of Skyfall and the studio remaining stable should let them film them faster.

Interesting Nausicaa!

I also mentioned the plot-hole similarities to The Dark Knight in the movies thread. Silva has some really mad clairvoyance skillz! 8D