Snipe's icons and sigs

Not all of these are the best… I’m kind of using this more as a placeholder for links I may want to come back to… but all of these are still free to use! Enjoy! :sunglasses:

These are great Snipe! I especially like the Doc Hudson signature! Keep them coming!

And do you take any requests? :slight_smile:

Possibly… it depends on what you want. :wink:

[EDIT]- Just PM me… we’ll work it from there. :sunglasses:

Here’s another one:

I’ve always loved your sigs Snipe! My favorite one is with WALL-E running from Buzz and Woody! Can’t wait to see more!

Hey, thanks, ellie-jessie-eve! I’ll keep them coming! :wink:

If you want my honest opinion, I absolutely HATE Jar Jar Binks so, sorry, I’m not really into your current one (but it’s not your fault). But the rest are good, especially the WALL-E running away from Buzz and Woody one, I love that. :smiley:

Oooh, it looks really nice Snipe. Keep it up.

I like the Wall-E and Buzz and Woody one. :laughing: That’s great.

The WALL-E running from Woody and Buzz is awsome plus it has my 3 favorite characters all together. :smiley:

Here’s another one… :sunglasses:

Awww! That is so cute and funny! 8D

Cute! I love the little LEGO Stormtrooper!

I love that one! The photography is really good. And tiny Lego Stormtrooper peeking out from under a key is precious. 8D

Oh, wait… I didn’t take that picture! o_0 I just found it on a wallpaper app on my phone and added the text to it. I suppose I should have mentioned that earlier… :blush: :slight_smile:

haha, well it is still very awesome.

I love the one with Doc! That is so good, and the words that go with it are awesome too! Nice ones Snipe! :smiley:

Thanks, both of you! :smiley:

Ha, I’d forgotten about that Doc one! :laughing: That and the Wall-e one are my favorites. They’re the only sigs that were completely original. :-D)

Well, you did a great job! And you are very welcome. :slight_smile:

Nice graphics.