Some Small Thoughts

After a few months of being on here, I’ve noticed this site has been easily plagued by spambots. I think this could easily be curbed by reforming the registration or finding more active administrators to curb the recent influx. Another feature I believe that will be beneficial is the ability to embed videos/images from YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, etc. It can also be restricted to a certain websites to filter out inappropriate content from entering. Lastly, I’m not sure if it’s directly related to the website, but it is surprising to see a lack of activity for days. After lurking for years, the website seemed to have devolved into a “ghost town”.

Despite all these small complaints/concerns, this place is great for discussion, I wish more fans realized this.

Agreed with both suggestions. Especially since sometimes spam still stays on her even after they’ve gone through and cleaned up most of it (there’s still some from 2014 in the Pixar Shorts section). Not being able to embed videos is kind of ridiculous, this is the only place out of like a dozen I’ve been where you can’t do that.

Concerning how much of a ghost town this place is, I recently found a Pixar forum with a bit more activity. I’ve been wondering if it’d be incredibly rude to ask permission from the heads of each to sort of cross promote each forum on the other, since I know I enjoy having more than one forum to go to and it might get new members on each. It can’t quite figure out if it’d be a decent or absolutely terrible idea to suggest.

I like both of your suggestions.

First off, in regards to the spambots, i will admit that it has been easier to just deelete and ban 1-2 spambots at a time instead of the whole forum cleanup that was done a while ago, the fact that spam remains an issue is kind of disheartening. I do agree that registration could be changed to counter the spambots. it seems to easy for them to register. Then again, I don’t know how it works.

Video embedding is a great idea. Sadly, this forum was established around 2006, around the same time as Cars. Video embedding wasn’t a thing then, so because of that, we haven’t had a chance to go through a system forum upgrade. however, i would believe that these would make PP better