Somethingguy's Signature Assortments!

Hello Everyone!

In attempts to keep the “Who has the best signature” from being cluttered with many of my signatures, i’ve decided to make my first fandom thread to contain the signature’s i’ve already created as well as future projects to come! so, you can comment as much as you please about them, love them, hate them, it doesn’t matter! I just don’t want that topic to get locked for an obsessive amount of thread links, like 95% of all the games that everybody has made.

Wall-E Trade-Off Signature #1

Trent Reznor/Nine Inch Nails Trade-Off Signature #2

The Chemical Brothers Love and Adoration Trade-Off Signature #3

Saint Patrick’s Day Pixar Collaboration Signature

My Permanent Name Tag Signature

(note: i will be using the saint patrick’s day signature for March 17, since it is saint patrick’s day!)

Looking forward to your St Pat’s sig! :wink:

I think the number’s more like 5%. We keep an inordinate amount of game threads alive, even from several years back! :neutral_face:

Nice collection you have here!


I like your St. Patrick’s Day sig! The first time I saw it I thought the ratatouille was a giant lollipop. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I’m thinking about what a ratatouille lollipop would taste like.

Is Ratatouille even delicious?

Oh yeah, sorry about not adding anything Finding Nemo to the St. Patrick’s day signature, i couldn’t find anything green and or small enough to crop out, and when i pulled up a green anemome, i realized that i wouldn’t have enough space for anything related to Finding Nemo.

But, i did get Monsters Inc, Up (Greenified), Toy Story 1 and 2 (the order doesn’t matter), Wall-E (of course), Ratatouille, Cars (Chachinga!), and A Bug’s Life (Manny).

Yes. Yes it is. In my opinion at least.

Here’s a late siggy that i did, which i would say could have been done with some more work, such as a opacity gradient on the reflecting words. But, the rest is fine, i guess, so enjoy as you will! I actually finished this a while ago, i just forgot to paste it up here!

OK, i’m currently working on a Lambo Signature that I wanted to go all out on, from top to bottom. I had began work on it late last night, and I will continue working on it today until it is done. I promise, this one will be quite interesting!

OK, here it is, i might have posted this image after i put it on my signature, but anywhos, here’s one of my most favorite foreign car brands of maybe, all time!

Since I’ve decided to compete for the throne in best graphics against my one and only rival, Spirit (friendly competition that is), and to diversify my use of my avatar images, I made avatar’s specific to the previous signatures i’ve made, which i’ll change weekly in unison (such as the Wall-E one I have right as i’m posting this).

Wall-E/EVE Avatar:

Trent Reznor/ Nine Inch Nails:

Chemical Brothers/ Selected Songs:

DeadMau5/ New Album:

Lamborghini/ Finest Vehicles:

I like your WALL-E avatar the best.

I know, I do too. I’ve also got on some works for a Pendulum-inspired avatar and siggy, but now i got a third project too: trying to work the signature to the right size!

Ok, here is the 5th switch on Signature that I really had in mind but didn’t have an idea who I would make a signature out of, the DNB dominant band Pendulum. Although they do a little bit of techno and rock at the mix, they still make great music on all angles they’ve attempted. The style is a inspiration off the album title and background art from Hold Your Colour, their first album (not my favorite however). I also have included the smaller version that the new signature sizing rule would limit on it, note the small differences between the two such as text swapping and of course, a greater size difference.

Pendulum : Greatest Hits 180X550 Size.

Pendulum : Greatest Hits 300X600 Size. (my kind of size!)

Pendulum : Greatest Hits Avatar

Edit: I had just found out about automating my images to appropriate sizes, which made the process A LOT easier for converting projects the right signature size for this project and for the older projects that I also have to automate to the smaller level. Also, the smaller sized picture has been completely replaced with the smaller version of the bigger signature, and the bigger signature had gone through a small update with the accordance of moving the song tabs a little bit higher to provide space for the bottom most tab. I will start posting the smaller versions once i get them on my deviantart account!

OK, here are the smaller versions of the older signatures I have created over this year, sorry they are much smaller than they actually appear, stupid deviantart assumes that the images are the original size of 360X180 which is NOT TRUE, so i’ll have to work my way around it until i can solve the issue.

Wall-E/ Motto Sig:

Trent Reznor/ Quote Sig:

The Chemical Brothers/ Selected Lyrics Sig:

DeadMau5/ ‘New Album’ Sig:

Lamborghini/ Best Rides Sig:

Hello, fellow Bronies! If you haven’t already noticed this before, but I have completed the My Little Pony section of my signature/avatar craze! Since I had an awful itch to do so, I worked on it til about 10:30 and went to bed to complete it tomorrow as soon as i woke up! (with a lot of roadblocks on account of how long it has been since I’ve used photoshop)

Here are the 2 signatures (large and small), and the avatar included with it, which i’m wearing about 2 out of 3 of these items. I hope you Bronies enjoy the memes and or popular quotes I enclosed in the signature and the new addition to my graphical talent: brushes and glitter!


Signature (600X300 version):

Signature (360X180 version):

P.S.: I figured out the reason as to why the supposed 550X180 images always turned out 360X180. Photoshop has a urge to keep at a ratio of image proportions, this one being 2:1, so the width got shortened out so nothing could get stretched. I have an idea to fix this, which may require the normal sized image to grow to about 900X300 so I have enough space to fulfill about a 540X180 size for a equal 3:1 ratio.

EDIT: Fixed my annoyances with the glitter getting in the way of some of quotes and especially the 912 in my avatar. I also made the names a little bit more spicy than just words next to the character. i also made the glitter more realistic on account of skipping one final step into making glitter.