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Unfortunately I don’t have time these days for any real fanfic writing, I’m lucky if I can do a drawing here or there but most of my time is invested in my websites…Anyways. Enjoy. :wink:

Hey, I just read “One Bug Two Bug.” Very cute! I’ll read the rest when I’ve got a bit more time. But yeah, I really liked it. I loved the “all skin and exoskeleton line” and the way PT was smoking. Very true to character, even if bugs don’t smoke. :laughing: Bravo!

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Thanks. :slight_smile: And we used to have the bugs smoke “tobacco wisps” in the rps, that’s where I got PT smoking a cigar from. Later the DVD came out and it showed PT smoking a cigar in the storyboard, so we weren’t all that wrong in having them smoke after all if you want to consider ideas about the life of bugs in the storyboards canon. :wink:

Btw I glanced at my ABL fics on and found all kinds of formatting errors caused by being stupid and ignoring certain characters in the html. Um…ignore those. :stuck_out_tongue: