Spirit of Adventure song

Does anyone know where I could find a recording of The Spirit of Adventure that doesn’t have the old sound quality?

Fairly certain all publicly released recordings are like that, since it’s kind of a necessity to have the old sound quality (fictionally released in the 30s). Sorry I can’t help :frowning:

Maybe it’s on the wrap party CD? :slight_smile:

The reason I like that song so much is because of the old fashioned sound!

Are you looking for a cover version or the original version by Craig Copeland? Because I don’t know about cover versions, but there’s only one version of the Craig Copeland song and that’s the version that was released on the Up Soundtrack. Now maybe PIXAR released a studio exclusive OST like with Toy Story 3, but so far that the only version available.

I really love the song. My sister’s obsessed with Up, and we sing it all the time. :laughing:

Anyone got a copy of the sheet music [1]? It’s one of my top PIXAR songs I’ve been meaning to learn on the piano.

Unfortunately the Cast and Crew version only has the low quality version. :frowning: Although you can hear a portion of it in this video (but the quality isn’t very good): traileraddict.com/trailer/up/b-roll-iii

I like that it sounds old. It’s supposed to be from the 30’s.