Star Vacation (the entirely human WALL-E parody!!!)

WALL•E (and Pixar) fans, get ready for Star Vacation, my first ever WALL•E fanfic!

This story is supposed to be a parody of the film, with all the characters being human rather than robot (though the Captain and passengers are already human), and I also came up with most of the dialogue myself (although I did use some Star Wars and other sci-fi quotes in there).

Here’s the cast:

Wallace Cooper: WALL•E
Evelyn McCrea: EVE
Adrian Mo: M-O
Auto-pirate/Darth Steering Wheel: AUTO
Grand Moff Gopher: GO-4
Bissell Dustbuster: VAQ-M
Partlet Cosmetic: PR-T
Vince Lichtenstein: VN-GO
Shiatsu Masashi: HAN-S
Dee Fibrillator: D-FIB
Leticia Coleman: L-T
Sombrilla Parasol: BRL-A
Bernard Burns: BURN•E
Typo Organizer: TYP-E
Stewards: Stormtroopers or “Halt Monitors”


A long time into the future, in a galaxy called the Milky Way…

(Star Wars Theme plays)

In the 22nd century, the earth was covered with toxins and trash. The CEO of a mega conglomerate corporation called ShoppyMart called for a 5-year space cruise while the army of garbage collectors, was left to clean up the Shoppy mess.

Unfortunately, Project: Cleanup failed, and the ShoppyMart guy declared a state of emergency; the world was too polluted for humanity to ever return. Thus, the people remained on an eternal vacation onboard the executive starliner, the Postulate.

It is now the 29th century, and all the trash collectors are gone; save for one. Over the last thirteen years, he has been cubing trash every single day of his life. Little does he know of the adventure that lies ahead of him…

Chapter One: Welcome to Wallace’s World

In the 29th century, the earth is a dump. That’s all that could be said about this planet that was once called “home”; it is but a junkyard, with miles, maybe fathoms of rubbish as far as the eye can see. A poison sky blankets the world; smoggy, hazy, and unhealthy. There are absolutely no people; just ruins of buildings and towers of rubbish. This deserted landfill seems hopeless, not to mention lifeless.

However, all hope is not lost, when we suddenly realize that a person—actually a garbage collector, is passing by the streets of Times Square, scooping up trash, bagging it, and piling it with other garbage bags. He is a junk slave, much like Anakin Skywalker in his days before he became a Jedi. He (the rubbish collector) is dirty, tired, smelly, and covered in grime, but he is perseverant; he still bags the garbage, and piles it up. He listens to music from old movies everyday as he performs his lowly directive. His name is Wallace Cooper.

“Wow,” Wallace told himself as he picked up a trash can lid, “I might take this home with me.”

A small cockroach jumped out of the trash pile as Wallace turned off his Walkman™. The insect then scurried up Wallace’s sleeve.

“Whoa there,” Wallace laughed, “that feels funny.”

Wallace has always been a loner—he’s never seen people, or other people that aren’t garbage collectors like he is. The only one he can relate to is his pet roach Fido, who has been able to survive this trash disaster longer that anything else. Now it is time to go home for Wallace and Fido; the sun is setting through the cloudy atmosphere.

“Come on Fido,” Wallace told the roach, “We better get going.”

So now, Wallace begins his long trip home, treading down a trashy skyscraper, passing through the streets, also covered in rubbish. He walks his way home, running over a newspaper centuries old, stating that the Emperor of ShoppyMart declared a State of Emergency. He also saw a ShoppyMart Mega-Ultracenter, a ShoppyMart gas station, a ShoppyMart bank, ShoppyMart holo-advertisements, and even a ShoppyMart transit terminal.

Let me tell you a little about ShoppyMart. Back in the mid-21st century, ShoppyMart became a super-powerful, overly controlling, almost humanity-dominating empire, just like the one in Star Wars―however, unlike that empire; they were friendlier, like the Republic, and they just encouraged people to shop a whole lot. This retail organization, however, is responsible for turning the world into the dump that it is right now. So now you ask, “What about all the other people?” The solution: they’re all on holiday, travelling on luxury cruise-liners sponsored by ShoppyMart Travel; the crown jewel of which is called the Postulate, and there’s a good reason why it is called that. A postulate, by and large, is literally something that is cliché, palpable, over-generalized, taken for granted, and doesn’t require proof because it’s so self-evident. And the people on that cruiser have obviously taken for granted the over-generalized truism “You can never have too much vacation”, on their cliché holiday; and their axiomatic attitudes and lifestyles are pretty self-evident on this vacation. Basically, the fact that they’re relaxing on their perpetual getaway doesn’t require any proof—it’s already been stated without even giving you clues about it; it goes without saying.

And speaking of all this nonsense, Wallace passed a few billboards advertising this holiday paradise, where people are shown being happy and enjoying themselves, but how do we know that it is still that way on the Postulate today, or if it still exists?

Now, enough about the people on holiday, and back to Wallace― so now he gets home, and settles down to put away his shoes, change into his pajamas (which had little dumpster-shaped robots with googly-eyes printed all over) and store stuff that he has collected while bagging up rubbish. He then took out a DVD of the Disney Channel Original Movie Camp Rock, which he loved to watch every day after coming home from work. The part where they were singing “Hasta La Vista” played on screen, and he tried to imitate the hip-hop dancing with a trampoline he found in a pile of trash a few weeks ago. He sang to the upbeat tune, and then went to put the trampoline away, so he could watch Hello, Dolly! , until another scene from Camp Rock caught his attention: the scene where Mitchie and Shane were singing “This Is Me”. Wallace pressed the “record” button on his Walkman to record the song. This time, there was no dancing and trampoline bouncing; the singers were gazing into each other’s eyes, as if some sort of emotion connected them, and when they finished the song, they held each other’s hands.

Wallace was perplexed by this sight; he has never experienced, nor seen what love is like. Interlocking his own hands, he suddenly realized he felt lonely.

“Man,” Wallace told himself, “I wish I had someone to hold hands with and share this rubbish planet with me,” and with deep sadness he said, “I guess I’ll take a walk outside.”

Wallace strolled outside his truck home as he put on his robe and slippers, and looking up at the starry night sky. He then pressed the play button on his Walkman™, listening to “This Is Me”. Tears fell down his eyes as he dwelt on the thought of his loneliness.

Wallace began to sing, “You’re the voice I hear inside my head, the reason that I’m singing; I need to find you, I gotta find you…”

All of a sudden, an alarm went off, telling Wallace that a sandstorm was approaching. He immediately went inside with Fido, unwrapped a tea-cake for his insect, and then went to bed on a small, lumpy mattress with a fleece blanket. He would rest once more as tomorrow the same old routine would repeat with increased loneliness in his heart.

EDIT: I just realized and error in the prologue that said that Wallace was alive for 700 years, and that’s totally incorrect! I just changed it to read “the last thirteen years”, because he’s fourteen when the story begins.

Wow! Nice job, JSWC! Writing a parody can be hard, but this is magnificent! And I love the trademark reference for Walkman too! Haha. Great job, waiting for second one. :slight_smile:

Wow, great job with this, JustSoWall-eCrazy! You’ve done a great job writing - your descriptions are clear and easy to read, and I love the way you’ve played off of BnL. Best line in the whole first section:

Love how all the BnL references are thrown in there subtly but obviously at the same time, if that makes any sense. :laughing:

Wallace seems like a great little character, enough like WALL•E to make you believe it, but I’d also like to see him with a bit of diversity in his own character as the story progresses. I dunno, it’d just be cool if Wallace showed those parts of WALL•E that we may neccessarily never see, you know? It’s just a suggestion anyhow; my opinion isn’t canon. :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t seen Star Wars or Camp Rock, so a lot of those references will probably fly over my head, but I like how you use similar films with similar themes to enhance the parody. It all works together nicely, and I enjoy reading about how different aspects of the film relate to WALL•E.

Looking forward to the next few chapters - I’m especially excited to read about your interpretations of the Reject bots as humans in written form. You’re off to a great start writing-wise (how long have you been writing, btw?), and I see it having great potential. Keep it up! :smiley:

little chef

Wow! I didn’t think I’d already have fans this fast.

wannabechef91: I actually like writing parodies, for sometimes it is hard for me to come up with something original. Oh, and I’m glad you like the Walkman reference. I came up with the idea of Wallace having a cassette player based on the fact that WALL•E’s music-playing buttons on his control panel resemble those of a Walkman.

little_chef_eva_09: Wow, I’m so amazed you caught that whole description of the people vacationing on the Postulate. Technically, ShoppyMart and the use of the phrase “by and large” were my only plays on BnL, and the rest of the words were actually synonyms for the word “Axiom”, the most prominent of which is “postulate”, hence the ship’s name.

I’m glad you like Wallace. i’m planning to expand on his character in some future fanfics, but you might see some of it in upcoming chapters.

And about the reject-bots; they’ll be here by [spoil]Chapter Eleven[/spoil] (I’ve got the whole story written on my laptop already, but I’m just re-editing it a chapter per week)

I’ve actually been writing stories since fourth grade.

I’m happy that you’re all eagerly awaiting Chapter Two. Don’t worry, I’ll probably have it up by next weekend.

Oh wow. I love this. It’s really tongue in cheek and hilarious.

I actually wrote a fan fic about more that was sort of like this, but in the past, in different decades and eras that are special, like the 80’s, Victorian, 50’s…etc.

This is better, though, because you put a lot of of though into making the story believable with dialogue, which the filmmakers didn’t have. I think if someone else attempted this, they might have put less effort into making the whole thing natural, and it might have come out seeming awkward.

Definitely a good read! Looking forward to more great stuff from you!

Hey guys! I’m back with Chapter Two.

Note: This chapter will be rather short, but funny.

Also for those of you who haven’t seen Camp Rock, here’s two reference videos for you I pulled off YouTube:

Hasta La Vista:
[url]Camp Rock: "Hasta La Vista" FULL MOVIE SCENE (HQ) - YouTube

This Is Me:
[url]- YouTube

And for the Star Wars or Star Trek themes, you can probably listen to them on Napster, iTunes, or any music player on your computer.

Chapter Two: A Day in the Life

At the crack of dawn the following morning, Wallace awoke, all tired and grumpy. Clumsily, he trudged is way around his truck, trying to find his shoes. After getting on his shoes, he climbed his way up to the roof.

“Oh boy,” Wallace grumbled, “Another day, another load of garbage cubes to be stacked. Well, better get moving.”

Up on the roof, Wallace stood out in the sunshine, with his solar-panel necklace reflecting the light onto his face.

“I feel recharged and ready to go compact some rubbish!” Wallace cheered optimistically.

As he walked outside his truck, he stepped on something that felt kind of mushy and as he looked down, he saw his pet roach.

“Oh my goodness! I stepped on Fido!” Wallace screamed, but fortunately, Fido was alive.

A long day lay ahead of our favorite dumpster boy, who immediately went to work crushing, bagging, cubing, and sorting out trash to stack.

During the tedious job, Wallace found many interesting things, such as a paddleball, an Xbox™ controller, a fire extinguisher, a wedding ring, a Rubik’s cube™, a guys’ health magazine, and even a 700-year-old cheesebugrer.

“Maybe I’ll have this for dinner,” Wallace told himself, stuffing all his collectibles into his picnic cooler.

In less than 14 hours, Wallace laid the foundation of another skyscraper. He then spotted an old refrigerator which he cut open with the built-in laser beam in his glasses, and found something—something he’s never seen before—and yet, it amazed him, for he’s never seen anything like it—it was bright green, vibrant, contrasting with the dullness of the trashed city; it was a stalk of celery.

Of course, Wallace did not know this; he just thought it was something beautiful, but his instinct told him that he needed to take care of this, and it must not fall into the wrong hands. He then treaded his was home, where he was to relax and get ready for another day.

“Well,” began Wallace, “You’re a green thing, and I’ve never seen anything so colorful and vibrant as you. But something tells me I should protect you—I don’t think I should even eat you with my dinner tonight.”

As Wallace conversed with the uncommunicative celery, he then noticed a red dot on the front of his truck. Immediately, he freaked out (well, who wouldn’t after being alone in a landfill for so long?). However, he believed the light to be some sort of laser-tag target, because of experience with a laser gun toy he collected from the trash. The light moved away from him as he tried to reach for it.

“Hey wait up!” cried out Wallace, with his toy gun in cargo, “Don’t run away!”

Ok guys. Chapter Three has finally arrived.

The title is actually a line taken from a show I like called Doctor Who, just as a sidenote.

Chapter Three: “You Are Not Alone”

Wallace ran down a steep ramp, carrying a laser-tag gun toy, and followed the light; however, the light moved away from him, and he began to chase it. The chase led him down the freeway overpass he lived on, down the streets, and straight to the desert valley that was once an ocean-blue bay.

The red light stopped. A circle of the ruby-colored lights circled around the central light, so now Wallace grew puzzled. He had no idea why he was being teased by little red dots.

“Ok, now there are a ton of red lights,” Wallace spoke to the lights on the ground, “Oh, you are a sneaky red light, with your red light army, aren’t you—huh, what’s going on?!”

The ground began to quake, and the air grew hot, as a bright light flashed in the sky, with what looked to be rocket fire descending over the ground. Wallace looked up, and panicked.

“Oh my goodness!!!” Wallace yelled, “I must take cover!!!”

Wallace dug a hole in the ground, scared of the fire columns flaming and crashing down on the ground. As he cowered in fear, the worst was soon over; no more shaking, no more fire, no more commotion. He then rose up from his hole, and hit his head on a metal object.

“OWWWWWW!!!” Wallace cried, “What in the trashed-up world is this?”

Come to find out, a ShoppyMart consular ship had landed on top of Wallace.

The white ship was huge, exceeding the size of two football fields. Wallace was the size of a Pomeranian compared to it. He looked around at the underside of the ship, steam blowing from different vents. All of a sudden, a door opened from the front of the rocket, and a long ramp was lowered. Wallace looked around to see if anything would come out.

“Wow,” thought Wallace, “Whoever has paid me a visit must have prepared for a grand entrance.”

The rocket’s front door opened. A white light filled the entry. Wallace could hear voices coming from inside.

“Ok Probe One,” an official began, “You’re clear for go!”

What is going on? Wallace thought to himself.

At that moment, Wallace saw her step out…

She was clothed in a spotless white dress uniform with blue edges on the tops of her boots. Her hair was combed in a smooth white bob, on which the sun shone down. Her turquoise-blue eyes glimmered like gemstones. She descended gracefully down the ramp, and took her first steps on the barren dirt, when she emitted a scan beam from a control panel on her uniform. It seemed she was on a special mission. However, to Wallace, she was the most angelic view he had ever laid eyes on. Her name was Evelyn McCrea, and she was a reconnaissance scout.

Wallace was stunned by the beauty of this new arrival. As he watched her, the ship suddenly prepared for take-off. He took cover again, but the take-off was really quick. As soon as the ship was gone, Evelyn decided to stop scanning, activated her hover-shoes, and performed a freestyle hover-dance. Wallace kept staring at her, as she roller-coaster-looped above the ground, crossing the dry bay and the canyons faster than a bird could.

“I guess I was right about a ‘special delivery’,” Wallace sighed, “ShoppyMart must have sent me a reward for all my hard work.”

Wallace fell to his knees, trying to catch his breath again. His heart raced, sweat ran down his neck, and his chest pounded at every glide the scout girl made around the rock he was hiding behind.

It was inevitable. He could not ignore the truth any longer.

He was in love.

Evelyn descended slowly above the ground, but Wallace tripped on some rock debris. In an instance, the scout picked up the disturbance as a threat, and she immediately drew out a blast cannon; it’s firepower almost like that of a bomb.

Wallace was now stricken with fear. He was afraid to even look at the scout in the eye. Now Evelyn hovered through the city streets, scanning the pavement and roadwork, even the trash. She scanned the walls, and some piles of tires. Wallace had followed her, and took a look at her through a tire. Fido then came up to him.

“No, Fido!” Wallace warned his pet with a whisper, “Don’t disturb her!”

Fido refused to listen. He scuttled down to the ground, where Evelyn drew out her gun and fired at the roach; however, it survived. Taking note of this, she extended her hand, and let Fido crawl up her arm. The insect then ran across her shoulders and down her body, and she laughed happily. Wallace sighed again.

Evelyn sensed the noise. She instantly began firing at the piles of tires, until she discovered the rubbish collector cowering in fear.

“Who are you?” Evelyn inquired, “Who are you? Who are you?”

Wallace didn’t understand why he was being interrogated so forcefully. As the smoke cleared, he then got his first close-up look at Evelyn’s flawless face.

She is like a portrait of perfection, Wallace thought to himself.

Fido crawled right back to Wallace as he jumped off Evelyn’s blaster. She then proceeded to scan him. Subsequently, she labeled him “Negative”, and went off on her way. Wallace just stared at the scout girl, love struck.

“Hey officer,” Wallace joked to himself, “I’d like to report a stolen heart!”

Wallace can be such a jokester… :wink:

Loved it. This chapter had a really zany sort of feel. But that’s just me. Keep going! I love it!

Really intresting story here. Can’t wait to see the rest of it. I love the references made to WALL•E here.

AUTOA113: I’m glad you like Chapter Three. Wallace is quite a zany character; it’s kind of how I intended his personality to be, and there’s gonna be a lot of funny moments for him and Evelyn coming up in the story. Looking forward to hearing from you again soon. :wink:

apixarfan: It’s makes me happy to have a new reader. It’s like I have an audience gathering around to listen to a story I have to share. And welcome to the boards, by the way. :wink:

WHUT. How is it that I’ve not replied to what you’ve written so far…?!!

Chapter Three totally snuck up on me, and I just now read it; I love the feel of it, it’s so full of energy and I just love Wallace’s personality! :slight_smile: The way you’ve related the story to the film doesn’t seem cliche or anything, so kudos to you on that! I’m excited to see the further interaction between Evelyn and Wallace. The story is great so far!

little chef

Thank you for your reply. I feel so happy that you’re enjoying my story. Here, I feel so encouraged by you and all the other people around here on this site, because not very many people like what I like, but here, it’s like I have a group whom I could share my fanworks and opinions with.

In summary, it’s like I have a Pixar-loving family.

I look forward to putting up Chapter Four this weekend, and you will definitely be seeing more of Wallace and Evelyn. :wink: Keep your eyes peeled for the next installment of this galactic getaway tale!

Chapter Four is finally here!!! stadium audience applause

Note: There is a bit of dialogue from The Phantom Menace thrown in here. When you read it, it will imply that Wallace had indeed watched this movie and all the other movies in the series. Also, there’s a bit of a surprise involving Evelyn at the end of this chapter.

Chapter Four: The Meeting

Evelyn went about town, scanning the ground beneath her, with Wallace treading right behind. He followed her into an abandoned ShoppyMart store, where she scanned a pinwheel. As he continued to follow her, Wallace bumped into a shopping cart, and a whole barrage of them followed right behind.

“Somebody save me from these dreaded things!” cried Wallace as he scurried swiftly.

The shopping carts crashed Wallace on the front door; the scout took off, ignoring the poor rubbish collector.

“Some people just try too hard,” Evelyn told herself as she walked out of the store.

After a day of arduous work, Evelyn decided to rest for the night at a nearby power plant. She had changed into a soft white nightgown, and tucked herself into a sleeping bag. Wallace crept right behind her, observed her, and then found a toilet seat, a paintbrush, a canvas, and some tempera paints. He started working on something.

“What a peaceful face,” Wallace whispered to himself, “She’s even more marvelous in her rest. Eh, maybe I’ll keep the round white thing for my collection.”

That morning, Evelyn arose, only to find a painting of depicting her in graceful flight, standing before her very eyes. She circumscribed the canvas, then hovered away, while Wallace watched her close by.

Evelyn spent her day scanning random objects around the outskirts of town, such as a pizza delivery truck, an Andy Gump port-a-potty, a space capsule, and a freighter hold, but all her scans turned up negative.

“Aaaahhhh! This is hopeless!!!” Evelyn grumbled in frustration.

As she stood on the freighter, depressed by her fruitless search, she was pulled by an electromagnet. Wallace was shocked to see her in danger.

Evelyn struggled to free herself, but she couldn’t. That’s when she aimed her blast cannon at the magnet, fired, and the whole thing came crashing down on the freighter, creating a fiery explosion. She descended down to the ground, and watched as one freighter fell after the other, resulting in an even bigger explosion than the one she caused. Wallace treaded right up to her, and building up enough courage, he cleared his throat and said, “Are you an angel?”

“No,” Evelyn answered as she turned around and finally took notice of him, “Why do you ask me such a thing?”

“Oh dear,” Wallace sighed, “That’s the worst romantic line ever spoken from a science fiction movie, isn’t it?”

“No, it’s actually very nice,” Evelyn answered.

“In the movie I learned that line from,” began Wallace, “deep space pirates describe angels as the most beautiful creatures in the universe.”

“You’re a funny little boy,” giggled Evelyn, “So, do you have a directive?”

“What?” Wallace was confused, “Oh, a directive! Yes I do! Watch me.”

Wallace grabbed a pile of trash and firmly patted it into a cube. “Ta-da!” he exclaimed.

“Oooh,” Evelyn was fascinated.

“Do you have a directive?” Wallace inquired.

“I do, but it is classified,” answered Evelyn.

“Oh,” Wallace understood, “I didn’t know.”

“So,” Evelyn started again, “What’s your name?”

“Me?” Wallace was eager to reply, “My name is Wallace―starts with ‘Wall’, ends with ‘E’. and my surname is Cooper.”

“Wallace,” Evelyn repeated in a smooth, pleasing tone, “That’s a really cute name.”

At the sound of her voice, Wallace’s heart nearly melted. In fact, he almost fainted.

“Sorry about that,” Wallace apologized, “And what might you’re name be?”

“My name is Dr. Evelyn McCrea,” answered Evelyn, “You may just call me Evelyn, if you wish. Technically, that’s what I prefer.”

“Evelyn,” Wallace pondered, “that is the most beautiful name I’ve ever heard. What a sweet sound.”

“I’m glad you like it,” Evelyn replied. She then giggled as Wallace repeated her name over and over. However, a warning on his cell phone went off, telling him that a sandstorm was approaching. He reached to grab Evelyn, but she drew out her blast cannon.

“Hey, what do you think you are doing?!” Evelyn asked, bothered by what she thought was a disrespectful gesture.

Wallace backed away, and the sand hit them hard. Unfortunately, Evelyn got lost in the storm, and she grew terrified.

“Wallace! Wallace!” Evelyn cried out. At that moment, Wallace reached out and took her by the hand. He led her to the safety of his truck home, where they both would be safe. Evelyn sneezed, then took a look around the place, gazing at the enormous collection of junk that Wallace possessed, occupying shelf after shelf after shelf… and it goes on.

Evelyn was captivated by the hanging lights in the ceiling of the truck. She walked slowly, when a singing fish startled her. She immediately drew out her blast cannon.

“Don’t destroy that!” Wallace panicked, “It’s my most prized singing sea-bass. Here, try this metal thingy. You may like it.”

As he continued showing her around, Wallace handed Evelyn an eggbeater which she spun around so hard, it broke. And without him noticing, she put in back on the shelf. Then, Wallace found a sheet of bubble wrap, and showed it to her.

“Popping these things is fun!” Evelyn exclaimed as she popped the bubble wrap.

Wallace then gave Evelyn an old lava lamp. She pressed a button and it lit up.

“Goodness!” Wallace was shocked, “Let me see that. Maybe it’s broken.”

Wallace took back the lava lamp to see if it was fine (which it was). He handed it back to Evelyn, but it lit up again.

“These things are amazing,” giggled Evelyn.

“Let me have that,” Wallace kindly took it back, “At this rate it could have exploded with the energy you’re supplying it.”

Wallace took back the lamp and handed Evelyn a Rubik’s cube. Next, he showed her his DVD copy of Camp Rock. By the time he returned, the scout girl had solved the cube.

“How is this possible?” Wallace wondered as he stared at the solved cube.

“Wow!” Evelyn grew excited as she looked at the DVD. She then scratched it by accident.

“Aaaaaaaahhh!” Wallace screeched. He then cleaned the CD and put it in to watch. He wanted to show Evelyn how to dance to “Hasta La Vista” on a trampoline.

Evelyn bounced on the trampoline, but her force was too strong for the truck to take. Some of Wallace’s stuff was even about to fall off the shelves.

“Stop that!” Wallace panicked, “You’re gonna ruin my collection and destroy my home at this rate!”

Wallace then showed her how to twirl, but she spun to fast. In fact, the strength of her whirling sent Wallace crashing into the roof.

“I’m ok,” Wallace said, weakly.

The poor trash collector managed to get himself down, but he was hurt in the accident. Fortunately, he had a first aid kit to treat himself with.

“Ta-da!” exclaimed Wallace, “I fixed my eye. How’d you like it?”

Evelyn just gazed at Wallace, until the scene with Mitchie and Shane began playing on the TV. She pulled out a lighter from a shelf, and lit it up. Wallace looked at the singers on TV, and then turned his wide eyes to look at Evelyn, admiring her soft eyes, and the serene expression on her face that made everything around her so calm. He also took note of her white dress, which was so sleek, it made her resemble an iPod. He then took a microphone in one hand, trying to imitate the scene on TV as Mitchie and Shane sung “This is Me”, and reached for Evelyn’s hand with the other. However, he cowered and pulled away.

“Uh, I thought I dropped something,” panicked Wallace, “Hold on, wait right there! I know something you’re gonna love!”

As Evelyn watched Wallace reach for his upper shelves, a drum fell on his head.

“Ouch!” yelped Wallace, “Excuse that, please.”

“You make me laugh,” Evelyn giggled to herself.

The scout girl then took notice of the screen, as she watched Mitchie and Shane holding hands on the Final Jam Stage. She scanned it, and gazed at the screen for a moment, until Wallace gave her a tap on the shoulder. He presented the stalk of celery he found earlier.

“Uh, Evelyn?” Wallace asked nervously, “I found this green thing yesterday, and I was wondering if you would like it. I’ve never seen anything so brilliantly colored, let alone green. I wonder, what do you think it is?”

“Wow!” exclaimed Evelyn, “How did you know green is one of my favorite colors? If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that this is a stalk of celery―”

All of a sudden, Evelyn took the potted celery, and started examining it. She even pulled out a book titled The Undisputable Field Guide to Plants and Vegetation (brought to you by ShoppyMart), and started checking to see if it was a genuine specimen of photosynthesis.

“What’s going on here?” Wallace was confused.

“This is what I’ve been looking for all along!!!” Evelyn cheered wildly.

Evelyn danced uncontrollably as she placed the celery in a backpack on the back of her uniform. In fact, she was so exhilarated, her eyes shut, and she fainted after shortness of breath, banging her head on the floor. Wallace thought she was dead!

“This cannot be happening!” Wallace cried out, desperately, “I killed her. I killed my only love! How could this happen?!”

Wallace then noticed a green light pulsing on Evelyn’s chest, and listened for a heartbeat. He patted her gently, but she still didn’t wake. He then realized she was just unconscious.

“Thank goodness,” Wallace was relieved, “She’s just unconscious. Now how do I wake her up? Evelyn? Evelyn?! EVELYN!!!”

Let me just give you guys a notice: This coming weekend, I’m considering posting up Chapters Five and Six together in one post. I might do this to avoid double-posting and save the trouble of having you guys wait a week if a chapter I post is extremely short. :wink:

Another nice chapter you got here. You seem to be doing well at managing to change certian elements of the movie (Robots to humans, ‘Hello Dolly’ to ‘Camp Rock’), yet manage to kepp it similar to the source material.

I agree, apixarfan! JustSoWall-eCrazy has taken a film with hardly any dialogue or human characters and twisted the plot to fit perfectly as a human cast! This is WALL·E as humans in it’s full potential. Can’t wait to read more!:slight_smile:

apixarfan: Glad to know you’re enjoying this story. I’m thinking of getting Chapters Five and Six posted tomorrow or Sunday. I’m thinking of maybe putting in another Disney Chanel movie reference as I continue to edit the story, so stay tuned!

AUTOA113: When I read this post, I almost felt like cryng tears of joy. I honestly didn’t think that my fanfic, being only a spoof, would get a review like the one you just gave me, because it is not the same as little_chef’s Psyche OS X or your AUTO-Biography, in both of which a movie was expanded to have a backstory and/or sequel Thank you very much for this comment.

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There are so many people I look up to in terms of drawing or writing, whom I wish I were as good as, but when I actually get a chance to talk to some of those people whom I admire, the one thing they’ve told me is “Don’t be the best that I am… be the best that you are.” And as much as I wanted to idolize and look up to them, telling myself “I’ll never be that good… I’ll never amount to what they are”, I needed to realize that I’m amazing in my own right. You are too. You need to appreciate your talents for what they’re worth and value them in the way that others do. :slight_smile:

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Note: There’s going to be a reference to the movie Contact hidden in here somewhere. See if you can find it.

Chapter Five: Unconscious

The sun was shining brightly that next morning, as Wallace climbed up to the roof of his truck, with the weight of Evelyn on his shoulders. He then set her down on the hot metal of the roof; the sun’s rays hitting her face. He was sure that the light would wake her up.

“The sunlight works wonders for me,” Wallace assured himself, “There should be no problem in waking you up.”

An unconscious Evelyn lay there, her face so idyllic, yet unmoving. Wallace gazed at her, and then turned his eyes to the pulsing light on her uniform, wondering what was its significance .

“Oh come on!” Wallace grew frustrated, “If the sunlight won’t wake you up, what will?!”

All of a sudden, a storm was rolling in across the bay. Wallace turned around to see large, dark clouds appearing in the distance, breaking through the golden-brown mist that covered the sky.

“Oh great,” groaned Wallace sarcastically, “This day couldn’t get any better!”

Later that day, the thunder and the rain hit hard on the earth. Wallace stood next to Evelyn, holding an umbrella over her, while he read a book of amazing, but true facts of life.

“It is said that lightning strikes men four times as much as women,” Wallace read off a book, but then he got struck by a lightning bolt himself. He opened up another umbrella, and once again, got hit by another bolt.

The next day, a powerful sandstorm hit. Wallace, in his unyielding quest to revive Evelyn, put a barrel over her to protect her from the raging sand, while he himself got buried by it.

“I can’t wait to see how this week improves!” Wallace shouted in disdain.

Two days after that, Wallace put on a pair of doctor’s gloves, laid Evelyn on the roof of his truck again, and stuck a stethoscope inside her dress. He then took out an old defibrillator he grabbed from his truck, and attempted to jumpstart her heart. However, he wasn’t prepared for what was about to happen; for some reason, the shock paddles backfired on him.

“Whoa!” exclaimed Wallace as he flew off the roof of his truck and landed on a pile of rubbish, “Talk about blowing me away!”

Later that evening, Wallace wrapped a string of Christmas lights around Evelyn as a necklace, and carried her to a river of searing, muddy sludge. He set her down in a shopping cart inside a monster truck tire, and then pulled out a road sign to use as an oar so he could row the tire on the river. He even set a pink umbrella beside Evelyn, for her to hold.

“You look so beautiful in this orange glow,” Wallace swooned as he carried Evelyn in his arms.

Wallace then set his “Sleeping Beauty” right beside him on a bench, as he stared out into the dried bay, and the sunset suddenly turned a soft pink, mixed with gold, tangerine, and fuschia. He sighed lovingly, activated the laser in his glasses, and burned his name and Evelyn’s into the side of a trash can, and finished off by drawing a heart around the names.

“Oh, I hope this does the trick,” Wallace told himself, “The sunset is so marvelous today.”

Wallace then put his left arm around Evelyn’s shoulder, and took her hand with his right, as he watched the breathtaking view from the bench the two were seated on. Unfortunately, she collapsed on him, and as he struggled to free himself, the two fell off and tumbled right behind the trash can.

The next night, as a full moon shone intensely through the night clouds, Wallace again sat on the roof of his home. He had Evelyn placed on a chair, and a game controller he brought her sat untouched on her lap. He had decided on playing “Disney™ Sing It” to wake her up. However, not even his annoying singing could not bring Evelyn out of her coma.

“I’ve tried everything!” yelled Wallace in frustration, still trying to believe Evelyn was awake, “I give up! Besides, your singing skills are weak, my sweet, sweet Evelyn.”

[b]Chapter Six: Across the Stars[/b]

A week had passed by, and Evelyn had shown no signs of consciousness. One Monday morning, Wallace had left her on the roof of his truck, as he went to go compact more rubbish. However, he wasn’t as happy to do his job, for he had enjoyed spending his time with Evelyn. Somehow, being alone with his trash and his movies didn’t feel the same way as it did before this girl entered his life. As he worked, Wallace found another match lighter and opened it. The flame reminded him of when Evelyn opened up the lighter, and how the luminescence of that glow gave her face the dreamlike quality that had whisked away his every breath whenever he locked his gaze on her.
“Why did I have to give her the celery?” Wallace began to doubt himself.
As he gathered himself a pile of garbage to make another trash cube, he felt the ground shake, the sky lighting up with fire. It was the scout transport, returning to take back Evelyn.
“Oh no,” Wallace began to talk to himself, “They’re here for her. This must be my punishment for getting her knocked out! I’m not gonna let you take back my comatose, yet stunningly attractive Evelyn McCrea!”
Wallace raced up to his truck, running faster than he had ever run from the harshest sandstorm. Fido, fearing for his master’s safety, scurried up a few trash piles to catch up. However, Wallace stopped the insect in its path.
 “Fido,” began Wallace, “I want you to stay here in this position. Do not move from this piece of junk. Do you understand?”
Fido chirped in obedience to Wallace’s command.
“Good boy,” Wallace commended his pet, “I’ll be back. I promise.”
Wallace then sprinted swiftly up the highway ramp, when he saw two men dressed in uniform, lifting Evelyn onto what looked to be a hovering bed, and took her into a passenger hold. Wallace climbed up the ladder on the ship, and snuck inside, managing to evade detection from the ship’s pilots and crew. He then sat down in a seat and buckled himself in, when he heard the ship’s intercom switch on.
“Ok, scouts,” began the pilot, “We are now leaving the earth and heading back to the [i]Postulate[/i], where you’ll be cleaned and debriefed on your reconnaissance. For the ride home, we are going to provide you some elevator music to listen to.”
“Pfffftt! Elevator music!” Wallace grumbled, “How boooo-ring!”
“And now, we’ll initiate the countdown,” continued the pilot, “Be sure you’ve got your safety restraints.”
“How can the scouts hear you when they’re sleeping?!” interrupted the co-pilot.
“Oh, excuse that then,” the pilot corrected himself, “We will be taking off any minute now.”  
 “Preparing for takeoff in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,” announced the ship’s computer.
[i]Whoooooosh![/i] The ship lifted off in less than a second, zooming into the sky, through the atmosphere, bursting through a field of ShoppyMart satellites and out of the earth’s orbit. The consular ship then deactivated its boosters, and Wallace looked out the window.
 “There,” Wallace sighed after his incessant screaming; “now I can take a look at the view out the―”
Surprisingly, Sputnik I was stuck outside Wallace’s window.
“Yo, Sputnik,” Wallace started, “You’re blocking my view!”
Wallace pounded on the window, and the satellite fell off, “Now I can see the view―WOW! All those stars! And my home! I’ve never seen anything like it in my entire life! It’s so beautiful, a poet should be describing this.”
All of a sudden, Wallace’s face turned green, and his eyes grew wide. Quickly, he reached for a motion sickness bag, and stuck his head inside it.
After disposing of the waste, Wallace walked back to his seat, when he suddenly noticed the room where Evelyn and four other scouts were being kept. He opened the door quietly as to not disturb the scouts or the crew. Slowly, he tip-toed towards Evelyn’s bed and he knelt down beside her.
“Evelyn,” he whispered, “If only you were awake to see this. I wish you could see all the stars outside the window. You could even see my planet from here.”
Wallace walked out of the room silently. However, he had to go to the bathroom, so he tip-toed to the nearest lavatory.
After taking care of his business, Wallace walked into an observation deck room with an enormous window. There, he saw the sun in full view, with its solar flares bursting sporadically.
“The sun is so spectacular,” Wallace told himself in pure astonishment, “I get to see if up close for the first time.”
Wallace took out his solar-panel necklace to reflect the sunlight onto his face. He then decided to sit in a seat and watch the beautiful view of the universe. 
During the course of the trip, Wallace was able to observe many sights. Among the many wonders of the Milky Way he witnessed were the moon (where an American flag still stood, and so did a holo-billboard advertising for a ShoppyMart outlet), a star experiencing supernova, and even the ice rings of Saturn.
“Those rings are truly a sight to behold,” Wallace told himself, “It’s almost like I could reach my hand out, and run my fingers through them.”
At the thought of that idea, Wallace got up from his seat and began running his hands across the window, as if he were actually touching the planet’s rings. He then chuckled at himself for his nonsensical behavior.
“Evelyn would have been delighted to see me laugh and run,” Wallace sighed, “In fact, I wish I could see her sitting down beside me right now, and giggling so sweetly.”
The consular vessel was now in deep space, where stars still sparkled, and there were many purple nebulae floating around. While Wallace watched the view from the large window, he noticed something strange. He saw an enormous metallic structure hidden behind an amethyst nebula. One thing for sure, it wasn’t an asteroid.
“That’s no moon,” Wallace grew surprised to see where Evelyn had come from, “That’s the [i]Postulate[/i].”
[i]Lead in to Chapter Seven:[/i]

Vacation—the ultimate getaway. These are the voyages of the ShoppyMart [i]Postulate[/i], and its continuing journey to enjoy relaxation; to become couch potatoes. To boldly go where no vacation has gone before!

(Original [i]Star Trek[/i] theme plays) 
[i]Finally! He's off Earth and heading into the[/i] Postulate! :smiley:  :smiley:  :smiley:

Another good chapter JustSoWall-eCrazy. Now things can really get started. This is about to get fun.

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I’ll be working on Chapter Seven this week. It just needs to be edited and tweaked a little before I can post it up here, so keep your eyes peeled.