Star Wars The Clone Wars Cancelled

So I wanted to get into this show for a while cause I heard its really good, even those who hate the prequels like it. So since Episode VII is coming within the next 2 to 4 years, I decided to finally get into it. 2 days after I buy the Season One Blu-Ray this happens:
My reaction:
[url]My reaction to Star Wars The Clone Wars getting cancelled. - YouTube

But I’m really enjoying Season One so far! Since I’m only on the first season, please put spoiler tags for spoilers.

I heard it’s not exactly cancelled per se, just that they’ll be making a few more episodes to tie up loose ends before it’s wrapped up. It’s kinda sad as I’m a big huge Star Wars nerd, but hey! It’s managed to last a wonderfully long time for 5 awesome seasons! I think you’ll definitely enjoy them, annarborjack! They’re awesome … ation.html