Starslug's Take Me To Your Autopilot

This is a serio-comical multi-chaptered WALL-E piece by Starslug. She had just posted the final chapter after a five year hiatus. And to bring this quality fanfiction to attention, I’ve decided to post a link here. … -autopilot

Summary: "AUTO is reactivated to a nasty surprise: its been replaced, and the replacement wants to chat. "

Notably, it’s one of the few well-written OC pieces out on the WALL-E fanfic lists (and fortunately, there is NO romantic connection with Auto other than bits of safe ship teasing). The main OC, MAN-D is a creative addition within Starslug’s WALL-E universe who plays off Auto’s personality and programming rather than just exist as a pandering author-surrogate or mary-sue (actually in-universe, it’s MAN-D’s middle-name). Starslug also has a strong sense of the mechanical and emotional psychology of both her OC and Auto. She pays great respect to the canonical Auto personality while also offering an original character who compliments Auto.

A nitpicky reader might run into a few mispellings and inconsistency in some of its technique, but those are a very small price to pay to read this quality fanfic.