Hi thanks for answering my spoiler question, I have another.
How to you make a sticky or can you even? :confused: Cheers.

It is general forum practice that only Mods and Admins can ‘Sticky’ threads so that regular users don’t abuse the feature for self-promotion or to undermine other threads. So no, I don’t think it is possible for regulars, not to my knowledge.

Strangely though, I’m a Mod, and I don’t see any way I can Sticky topics either. Maybe this is only for the Admins of the forum? Someone can confirm my theory?

If you’re a Mod or Admin, when you submit a new thread then there is the option to make it a sticky or announcement in a little tick box just before you click the ‘submit’ button, I believe.

MI2, if you’d like something to be stickied, just ask a Mod and if we think it’s relevant or important enough, then your wish shall be granted. :smiley:

Well, I made a thread about Mike’s New Car in the Shorts section (there’s no discussion about it) and I would like that stickied please. :-D)