TARTARUS - A Science Fiction Film Starring Tahmoh Penikett

Hey Fellow Film Fans!

My team and I would like to share something with all you fine fine folks.

Tahmoh Penikett (Battlestar Galactica’s Karl ‘Helo’ Agathon) is currently set to star in an upcoming science fiction short film called ‘Tartarus’, directed by myself. We are very lucky to have him onboard. An incredible amount of work has gone into this project. We’ve literally poured our lives into this film for the last two years - and now, after countless work-filled days and nights, we have a chance to create something meaningful, something that we hope will change the way people view science fiction. *We have had interest from many individuals including fellow filmmakers, actors, producers, and even major studios.

We’ve been able to raise most of the budget for the film - most. It has been quite an undertaking.*

Currently, we are running a campaign on Kickstarter to supplement the film’s budget. The extra funds will help put a polish on our special effects and miniatures. If you have time, or are interested at all, We invite you to check out the film’s website: kickstarter.com/projects/535 … h-penikett

You can also follow the film’s progress on these social media networks:


Thank you so much to anyone that reads this. Honestly, we’d love to just get the word out about the film. It’s been a great ride thus far, and we’d love to see it finished.*

  • Tartarus Production Team