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Weeeee I finally joined this forum after weeks of deciding if I should xD I found some of my friends already too such as u Candy and Drewster xD

anyway…some of my arts…all OC’s belong to me!!

My carsona :]

The Christmas skin logo for my forum Wingnut City. If you’d like to check out my forum here is the link → cartmansenemy78.proboards78.com

Boys can cry too…

Two of my OCs : Zodiac and Taryn. Yah this is belated. O well xD

oh yah since ur gonna ask anyway…

I drew these with a #2 pencil, outlined with a thin-tip sharpie, colored in with sharpie markers, and the backgrounds and text is made with PSP7

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Welcome to Pixar Planet, Taryn! (may I call you that? :wink: ) I love this artwork, especially the backgrounds! It’s amazing that you can actually use a No. 2 pencil! I can’t draw anything with those. xD

Well, I don’t really like Cars but I think the cat car is cute.

Taryn-Syndrome: First off, I love your work. It is really cool, excellent, and it makes me jealous. :stuck_out_tongue: Second, welcome to Pixar Planet!

you may call me Taryn :] everyone does lol ^^

and thank u :smiley:

thank u :slight_smile:

  1. thank u :smiley:
  2. Thank u again :smiley: :slight_smile:

You’re welcome! :wink:

Taryn, a couple things. One, you are welcome. Two, are you gonna stick to Cars drawings, or will you ty others? And three, watch out for the triple posts at the same time okay?

Taryn- Nice designs there! I like your use of bold colours. :smiley:

Hi Taryn! It’s me… Candy… yeah xD

thank you ^^

and i try many different drawings, so i should be trying different things :slight_smile:

and ill stop tripple posting ^^; sorry

Oh, it’s you! I remember you, you recently put me on your watch list (yamihoole on dA). So yeah, I’ve seen those. They’re really quite good! It’s not easy to draw Cars and make them look good.