Teddy Newton's Untitled Project

It’s been announced by several sources that Pixar has yet another future project.

No date or title has been disclosed, but apparently the great Teddy Newton will direct, and the screenplay is being written by Derek Connolly (Safety Not Guaranteed).

Here’s a link to one of the sources: [url]/Film | Reporting the Reel World

Exciting! I particularly like the line about not dumbing down animation and treating it like it’s only for children.

I fully agree! I can’t wait to find out more about it.

This sounds great! Love Teddy Newton’s contributions to Pixar, and his attitude about this project is definitely in the Pixar spirit. Excited :smiley:

I love the classic Pixar directors, the ones we know so well, but I am also excited to see the new generation of the directors of their feature films. I wonder what Teddy has in store for us.

What I like about Newton, though, is that, even if he’s technically “new” (as in never having directed a feature film), he’s a Pixar veteran nevertheless.

I have a lot of trust in him.

That’s exactly how I feel. I’m really excited to see how he fares as a feature film director for them.

Sad to hear this is not on the release. Especiallly with Mark Ansdrews mmoving to sign a contract with another talent agency.