Thank You, Pixar: A Pixar Planet Project

Hey guys! I know I haven’t been really on these days (as most of you know, I’m insanely busy with my Senior Year (Year 12) at school), but I am still around the Planet - I’d like to give a big thank you to all of you for your continued dedication and contribution to the Pixar Planet Family!

First things first, as you might have seen, the Cars theme is now up and is now available as a theme choice. I’m really sorry about the huge delay in getting these themes out - it’s pretty hard being a one-man band with the design but I promise you I’m trying to roll these themes out as fast as possible. I beg for your patience, and Wall-E, Ratatouille, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc. & A Bugs Life will be coming in stages throughout the year, along with the anticipated new Upcoming Pixar. Again, I ask for your patience - I’m as excited as much with this as you are too!

Okay, now to the main point to what I’m writing about - I’m happy to announce a new project!

I’m sure most of us (if not, all of us) are huge fans of Pixar, and the wonderful animation studio inspire and motivate our lives in a deep and meaningful way. They’ve shaped us so much as creatives and many of us have their talents jump-started with Pixar’s work, as we see shine through with fan art, fan fiction and other forms of fandom.

Pixar has done so much for us, so it’s time to let Pixar know that we’re thankful for all of the inspiration and the joy they have given to us.

This project is titled “Thank You, Pixar” and will be a video of as many Pixar Planet members as we can get, expressing how much Pixar has done for us and this is our way of saying “thank you” to them.

The video will be of a documentary style - basically featuring Planeteers explaining how they came to find Pixar, how Pixar has inspired them, and a personal message by them to Pixar.

As time & editing restrictions unfortunately affect production, not all applicants to this project will be able to be on video. Due to this, priority will be given to Planeteers who have their lives deeply affected like Pixar, e.g. Pixar has inspired them to be an animator, artist, etc., Pixar helped them to recover from an illness, Pixar helped them through a major tough time.

So, what requirements do you have to fit in to enter this project?

  • You must be 13 years or older
  • You must be an active Planeteer (final discretion is given to Pixar Planet staff)
  • You must be willing to speak on camera and allow yourself to be on a public YouTube video that will be shared online
  • You must complete permission documentation - 16 year or older Planeteers can sign this themselves, otherwise 13-15 year old Planeteers must have their parents sign their permission
  • You must have access to a video camera (webcams and mobile phone/cellphone cameras are unfortunately not acceptable!) and will be able to upload footage privately on YouTube or mail a CD/DVD containing the footage files to our Sydney (Australia) office.

If you’re interested, please PM or email staff [at] the following details:

  • Your username
  • Your real name (you can choose if you would like your whole name or only your first name to appear on the video)
  • A brief description on how the inspiration by Pixar has helped you in life
  • A brief rundown of your “story” of your conflict & how Pixar’s inspiration resolved this conflict
  • Your email address to receive further instructions

Please send in your applications by one and a half weeks: Friday 10nd June 2011. (Note: This date has been extended!)

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you!

– P.

I love the idea of this project, Gabe! :slight_smile:

I was wondering though, I know you mentioned no webcams, but what if you have a pretty good quality webcam with good sound (I have a webcam built into my iMac), and the environment in which you film yourself is organized and clean in the background? I ask this because the only other camera I have is an old DVD camcorder, and transferring the video to my Mac is a pain and takes up more time and disk space than it would if I used my iMac webcam.

On this note, I think many of the members who participate in this would be more likely to have a webcam than they would a decent camcorder. I understand you want to have this look as high-quality and professional as possible, but could there be exceptions to this ‘no webcam’ rule?

Just thought I’d ask before I send in my application for this. Thank you! I’m excited to see what this will look like as a final result! :smiley:

little chef

This is an amazing idea!! I would love to partake, if my mom will let me use her camera. And thank you very extra much for creating the Cars theme, Phileas! This is great news.

I would love to do this!

I would take a part in this, but I have no camera. But I can’t wait to see the finished product. If you need or want any other help Phileas, I’ll be more than happy to help.

This is a fantastic idea! I can’t wait to see the final project!

I don’t think I have anything to say though! I don’t want to be an animator, and I haven’t recovered from an illness or anything like that due to Pixar. I also don’t know how I could get a camera.

Excellent idea, mate!

Got a few questions:

  • Thursday, 2nd of June is the deadline for applications, right? Not the video or audio submissions or whatever, right?

  • I have a webcam, but I have a digital camera that can shoot video in 1080i High-Definition. BUT I’m not quite ready to reveal my face yet (I’m planning to do so on a special occassion like my birthday this year or something). So I’m wondering whether if I am able to submit a video but my face will not be revealed, or will that be too disrespectful? Otherwise, I’m perfectly fine with an audio clip and maybe a drawing of myself as a ‘substitute’? Or just an audio clip will do. I’m fine any which way, as long as I get my story in! :slight_smile:

  • When is the deadline for the video and audio submissions?

  • When will the project be sent to Pixarians, and in what medium/form?

I suppose these questions will be answered in a reply if I had submitted my application, but I just wanna ask this out in the open. If you prefer, you can answer these through PM, Phileas, but otherwise, yeah, you can answer 'em here if you’re okay. :sunglasses:

I have that exact same question. :frowning: Can someone answer it?

Sorry for the late reply!

The aforementioned deadline for applications was tomorrow - 2nd of June. This was for applications - stating your intent to put your hand up for the project. You don’t have to film or create anything as of yet - you just need to touch base with me that you want to be in this project.

Unfortunately, you will need to have your face shown on screen. As the video will be of a “documentary” style, we need to have a face to the voice. This will also give a personal and more emotive feel to the video, which we’re trying to achieve (trying to communicate our gratitude).

Furthermore, I’m sorry to say that a digital video camera must be used, as normal webcams do not have the sufficient resolution for this video. This video is being produced at 720p - most webcams only have a resolution of 240p, which is unworkable with when you scale the video to 720p. Digital video cameras typically go from 480p to 1080p, which, all scaled at 720p, will be sufficient for this video production. Again, I’m sorry for those who don’t have a video camera readily accessible, but as this is something that will get sent to the Pixarians, the video will be produced at the highest quality possible. (If you do know your webcam is above average and records at true 480p or above, then that “webcam” will be accepted to be used.)

Pixarians will be getting access this video through two ways: 1) It will be uploaded onto YouTube, and we will be starting a massive Twitter campaign to get the Pixarians to see it (somewhat like how we campaigned for ffdude1906’s video), and 2) Significant Pixarians will be mailed a DVD of the video.

Actual submissions for videos and content won’t actually happen 'til 2 and a half months - accepted participants will receive more information after the acceptance.

As I haven’t received enough applicants to this, I’m extending the entry period to Friday 10th June. Please do tell and encourage others to consider to sign up to this! This is a great opportunity to show your appreciation of Pixar to Pixar themselves!

Sure, sound’s fun, I’ll be in it.

I just sent in my application. I’m nervous! I really hope that everything I wrote about is worth being shown to the Pixar staff, and that I get accepted into the project! This is something I’ve always wanted to do, so I really hope it works out! crosses fingers

little chef

Thanks! I like the fact that you extended the due date! I needed that!

Aww… I really want to do this, but I just saw it, and I have no time. :frowning: But Pixar has most definitely impacted my life in a major way, both present and future! Good luck to the applicants! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Wait, so it’s only an application at this stage? The video doesn’t have to be done by this Friday, right? In that case, I may do this yet!

Wow, Phileas… well, golly-gee, I haven’t revealed my face here for close to three years now, so this is certainly a momentous occasion if I do so choose to do this!

Is there a definite time-plan? Because I’ve just completed my last assignment, my parents may be coming over for the next month, and I may be job-hunting and preparing to either work in Oz or return to my home country, so it’ll be a very busy period!

Also, does there have to be a personal conflict in our story, or can it be just a fan-gush? I was thinking of relating how I underwent a paradigm shift not only to the studio but to 3D animation in general with ‘Finding Nemo’ and ‘Cars’: Story Is this compelling enough to be told?

This looks so cool! I’d love to join the project, but I don’t know if I have enough of a story behind my shift to Pixarianism. Like, when I saw Up I wasn’t going through an illness or anything, but it changed my whole outlook on life. I wish it could be fan gush! That would be great :smiley: I’m kind of nervous, I’ll ask my mom when she gets home, just in case, then I’ll send in an application! Such a cool idea though, even if I don’t get accepted! I can’t wait to see everyone talk about Pixar!

I love Pixar, but it hasn’t really impacted my life in any major way.

Little Shop of Horrors, on the other hand, has made it easy for me to calm down whenever wanting to commit any act of violence whatsoever.

I was just wondering how long the whole video (like, everyone’s submissions together, the final copy sent off to Pixar) was going to be? I’m super hyped about this :smiley:

I just submitted my application!

And yes I have a video camera!

I just submitted mine too! I’m so excited, I hope I get picked!! And speaking of video cameras, I know I have one, but I’m going to check to see if my webcam fits the criteria. That would be a whole lot easier :smiley:

I’m going to submit mine either later tonight or early tomorrow morning. :slight_smile: