The Adventures Of Tintin: The Secret Of The Unicorn

I’m a big lover of the Tintin stories by Hergé.

I’m a big lover of Steven Spielberg. Of Peter Jackson. Even of some of the writers of the movie. So I’m really excited by this.

Here are the posters.

And the trailer. You can also watch it on High Definition in Apple Trailers.

Other images released:

I just simply love this serie, I used to watch TIN TIN on Cartoon Network when I was a kid, I am so in love with this film, so glad to see the first footage,

Huge, huge fan of the animated series as a kid. He was my childhood adventure idol next to Agent Arthur from the Usbourne Puzzle Adventures series. I even created a pastiche character from both of them and gave him a cat as a sidekick!

I discovered the comic books when I was older and studying French in high school. I was surprised by how matured the plots are, some of the stories (such as ‘The Broken Ear’ or ‘The Blue Lotus’) were based on real-life political events! And of course, ‘Destination Moon’ and ‘Explorers on the Moon’ predicted Apollo 11 almost two decades in advance!

The teaser does what it does, doesn’t reveal much and entices the viewer. The desert crash scene reminded me a bit of the new Uncharted 3 trailer, but that’s just my overactive parody mash-up mind at work.

Still haven’t got out of the Uncanny Valley, although Snowy manages to look adorable enough. And the photorealism is just breathtaking, really shows how far we’ve come since '95.

And I really love the international one-sheet, it gives you such a nostalgic and retro feeling, like “This guy is gonna take you on one hell of an adventure.”

Overall, I’m not impressed, but I certainly am intrigued. Can’t wait to see more.

In the meantime, we can watch the magnificent intro to get in the mood. :slight_smile:

Have you read all the books?

About half the series, yes. Some of them in French!

Oh, good.

I read them all, and they’re really good. As you said, they take on very mature issues.

Never heard of this before, but it looks promising. :slight_smile:

My knowledge of Tintin is limited, but the trailer looks pretty good. I have to say that the shot of Tintin in the trailer looks a little creepy, but I’ll need to see some more shots of him before I make any real judgement.

I’m glad you are giving it a chance, cause the source material is great.

And, after all, it’s Spielberg.

I’ve never been the biggest fan of the comics (too much text! Now I don’t mind text, but in comics?) but I did like the animated series. Seen them a few years ago.

Saw the trailer, looks quite impressive.

Some NEWS, apparently The Adventures of TinTin will arrive first to Overseas territories in October and November, USA & Canada will remain their release date on December 23, almost 2 months after the film hits theaters overseas

Spirit, looks like you will have the film on November 11,

the link:

Some luck at last! Thanks for the information, Bryan!

So, since no one did it yet, I feel it’s my duty to post the new trailer :

I’m loving the writers and actors. Edgar Wright and Steven Moffat? Simon Pegg and Nick Frost? How brilliant! :smiley:

The new trailer looks really great, and the people behind the movie make me even more excited. I started reading the books a while ago, I need to go back to them again. They were pretty enjoyable and it seems like they’ll make a great adventure story in movie form.

Not bad. Not bad. Probably might wanna give this a try.

This comes out after my birthday. Since it’s hard to have a birthday i nthe dead of winter, I’ll problay go see it.
I can very vaugely remeber the show, but I belive Tin Tin is WAY before my time (Im 26)
Half of me wants to see it, the other half not really…I think it’s the animation…I hate that real capture or whatever it’s called.
But Im sure I’ll be seeing this either way :slight_smile:

The hell I’m seeing it. My dad has a few old Tintin comics which I read as I grew up. The animation looks incredibly realistic too, the storyline seems to have a lot of the core Tintin-Advnture elements. But the main reason is JAMIE BELL! :slight_smile:)

Is it me, or does the font from the new trailer remind me of Watchmen? :neutral_face:

Being someone who’s dabbled in 3D animation, I can say that some of the animation is a bit ‘floaty’ - like when Thomson trips at 0:48, and when Thompson falls from the lamppost at 1:48. There are some nice animation like when Haddock bashes the intruder with the door or when Tin Tin does his slide-fall at the end, but there really needs to be more work done if this is not the final cut.

Still, I’m hopeful for how it’s going so far. There’s a few more months to polish those ‘in-betweens’ and ‘holds’, and from a technical point, the 3D models looks amazing. Still has the uncanny valley ‘dead-eye’ look, but yeah… exotic locales, action-packed sequences, nice characterisations… I’m gonna have to ‘fence’ this one.

On a semi-related note, there’s a huge standee and a theatrical poster up at my local cinema now - it’s set for a December release in Oz if I remember correctly.

I also hate how that looks in those parts, but like you said, let’s hope they work on it.