The ages of the incredibles

How old does everyone think that the members of the incredibles are? :smiley:

Robert: 42, 43 maybe?
Helen: a bit younger, 40 I’d say.
Violet: 13 or 14
Dash: 10
Jack-Jack: A baby, maybe 9 months, a year?
Syndrome: 25
Mirage: No idea actually :open_mouth: You could say she was 20, or 35, I’d believe either.
Frozone: Same as Robert

Bob: Eh, 35, maybe 40. I think he was in his early twenties in the Golden Age…
Helen: About a year younger than Bob.
Vi: 13-15, but only 15 if they ended up having to move mid-year or something and she had to redo a year of school or something. That also would mean that the first scene happened early on in the year and Violet was born late in the year. I’m not sure if that makes any sense at all, but it made sense in my head…
Dash: 9-10.
Jack-Jack: 6 months to a year. Somewhere around there.
Lucius: I think he’s a year older than Bob, maybe two.
Edna: Mid to late 40’s.
Kari: 13-14. Same GRADE as Violet, not necessarily age.
Tony: Same as Kari.
Rusty: 5-7.
Rick: 60-65.

Buddy: He could plausibly be anywhere from 23 to 26 (meaning he was from 8-11 in the Golden Age). I always go with 23.
Mirage: I think somewhere in her 20’s or early 30’s.

Jack-Jack: almost 2.

Thanks to everyone who posted responces :smiley: . I had been wondering how old they all were for a while now. My origional thoughts were…

Bob: 37
Helen: 36 or 37
Violet: 14
Dash: 10
Jack Jack: almost 1
Frozone: 38 or 39
Syndrome: 27
MIrage: 26
Edna: 60-65

Bob: mid 40s
Helen: early 40s
Violet: 15
Dash: 11
Jack-Jack: 18 months
Lucius: Same as Bob
Buddy: 12
Syndrome: 27
Edna: 70s

Here’s my guesstimations:

Bob: 45
Helen: 42
Violet: 14
Dash: 9
Jack-Jack: Really don’t know, 7 months? I dont’ know much about babies.
Kari: 25
Lucius: 41
Rick: 58
Mirage: 23
Buddy: 26
Tony: 15

I( always thought Kari was Vi’s age, but okay. I’m pretty sure Dash is ten because John Walker(the producer) says it on disc 2 several times. I got Jack-Jack’s age from the Disney website.

I’m pretty much in agreeance with the ages you guys have suggested here, though Edna is a tricky one…I know she’s obviously an older gal, but I find it difficult to pinpoint a more exact age aside from the range of 50s to 70s. I don’t know, it’s a tough one.

I’d say Kari is just a year or two older than Violet, as Violet does seem a little younger than her…Just slightly, at least. So if we say Violet is about 13 or 14, I can see Kari being 15 or 16.

Syndrome is another one whose age, though seemingly obvious (early to mid twenties) doesn’t come across in the film, I don’t think. When we see him first reveal himself as the villain Syndrome, I find you sort of forget just how young he is and therefore, considering his achievements, he’s done quite a lot in a short time!

I agree that Kari is older than Violet by a year, maybe two. That’s how I’ve always seen it. And they could still be in the same grade. I know in my class in high school, there were kids who were a year older than me in it, some even 2 years older.

Well, here is what I think.

Bob: Mid-40s
Helen: Late-30s to Early-40s
Violet: 13-14 yrs old
Dash: 10 yrs old
Jack-Jack: 1-2 yrs old.
Lucius: A little bit younger than Bob
Kari: 13-14
Tony: 14-15

That sounds about right. I’m not surprised that those guesses would come from you, though :laughing:

Thank you IncredigirlVirginia.

My guesses:

Bob: Easily 39 years old, it’s listed in his bio on some pages for crying out loud, he was shown to be 24 in the beginning of the film.

Helen: Far harder to pinpoint, I’d say she’s a year or 2 younger than Bob, around 37-38 years of age, she could even be 35 years old.

Violet: 14, confirmed on her bio.

Dash: 10, confirmed on his bio.

Jack-Jack: 1, likely to be 2 by end of the film.

Syndrome: I’d say 25, since he was 10 at the beginning of the film.

Mirage: 26 years old, maybe 27.

Kari McKeen: 13, confirmed on her bio.

Tony Rydinger: I always saw him as a year older than Violet, but boy I was shocked to find out he’s literally the same age as her (he still could have been born the year before her but near the end around December, just he was approaching 15 years by film’s end).

Edna Mode: 60 years, she went through the Great Depression, 2 World Wars (I’m shocked she didn’t get sent into a camp considering she’s German/Japanese descent).

Lucius Best: Around Bob’s and Helen’s ages, might even be the same age as Bob or in-between the 2.

Rusty: Easily around 5 or 6, since he’s riding a tricycle, something only kids younger than 7 could ride since they start learning to bike around 7 years of age with training wheels.

Love it! But jost out of curiosity, where did you find their age on their bio? May I see a link to that please? I’m interested. :slight_smile:

Disney Wiki and Pixar Wiki, even the film on some DvDs explain Bob’s ages as it does for Violet’s and Dash’s.