The Amazing Spider-Man

I’m surprised there is no topic for this! I think. I cannot WAIT to see this movie and play the game!

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I’m looking forward to this. I read it’s suppose to be closer to the comics. I wish Peter looked up geeky, he looks more like a loner, he id in the comics but also a geek. I also would like to see Tobey make a cameo. Spiderman is swinging by then Tobey comes up and says, “Boy, I wish I was Spiderman.”

I actually liked the newest spiderman over the last triology. This movie was hilarious, and I loved Stan Lee’s cameo!

Stan Lee was pretty easy to spot this time round! I didn’t really enjoy The Amazing Spider-Man reboot as much as the Tobey films, maybe because I found this version of Peter Parker more aloof and “stoned”. Although, they gave him some serious cred with the skateboarding and one-liners. And Spidey is always great with one-liners! Also liked the finale and the fact that the villain is quite sympathetic.

I also enjoyed the Raimi trilogy better. I think the first one is a better origin story that this one.

And, even when The Amazing Spider-Man is better than Spider-Man 3, I also enjoyed that one more. This one was lacking a lot of stuff, even if there were many redeeming qualities.

One of the things I think could have been improved was their version of Connors/Lizard, which was kind of uninspired.

I felt that this version had a lot more humor, and was a bit more light hearted.

I was worried about it because the last trilogy was so recent. But I definitely see why they had a reboot, how technology has changed between the two versions is very noticeable!

Really? I actually think this one was a little darker, empathized both by its cinematography and a more serious script.

Sure, there were lots of comedic bits (it’s Spider-Man after all), but I’m sure the original one had more goofy moments?

Well, I never said it was devoid of sad and dark scenes. But I was just pretty impressed by how humorous it was at the same time.

I think the comedy was handled quite well. I’m glad they tried to give Garfield’s character a sense of humor, which I felt was lacking in the Rami trilogy. While the results were inconsistent, he pulls the comedy off pretty well.

As for the Stan Lee cameo, I thought it was one of the more bizarre scenes in the film. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t like it when they beat you over the head with “Hey, look! It’s Stan Lee!”. Easily his worst cameo since The Incredible Hulk.

I loved his cameo. Some people around me didn’t even know who he was, and they laughed all the same, so I think it worked on an additional level than just being a cameo, unlike the one in Spider-Man 3, which he has said is his favourite.

Oh man, it is easily in my top three of his cameos. I didn’t see it coming! My friend, my Marvel movie buddy, didn’t even notice that it was him however, until I pointed it out when the movie was over.

I enjoyed it more than any of the Raimi films, but the Raimi films have way better and more entertaining fight scenes. But, Tobey always struck me as a bad choice for Peter Parker (not to mention Kirsten Dunst).

Talking about the unreleased sequel now, but I think Shailene Woodley isn’t a good choice for Mary Jane.

I agree with you on that one^^, quite a few people on a comic book forum I’m on think she suits the character, but I don’t see it.

I really liked this movie. I saw it at Midnight with my dad in IMAX 3D and loved it! I saw it again in IMAX 3D a few days later with my mom, and I got it on Blu-Ray for Christmas! I am in love with this movie! I don’t understand the hate :confused: Also, did anyone play the video game? It was ok, I guess. It was good but not worth the full $60 I had to pay. The game is really just a 7/10. But I give the movie a 9/10!

Don’t worry, lots of people like it! Well, at least the people I know. And I haven’t played the game.

e-j-e is completely right. This film doesn’t get hate.

If anything, some people like me, simply prefer the first one as a more rounded origin story, but this one isn’t bad.

I have The Amazing Spiderman app on my iPad. The voice actor for Spidey sounds real goofy, but it’s kinda fun. It’s a sandbox game from Gameloft, kinda cool to swing around town although I was disappointed when I tried to get him to crash onto the pavement - he’s like a cat when he lands, no matter from what height! :unamused:

The VR app was also interesting during the movie’s release. I downloaded it on my phone and scanned the QR code on the cinema standees and posters to play the minigames and earn badges. I think I got about two back when the film was still showing.