The art of Scarricature aka Scarry

So I was going to wait until I was more established on this site before I started sharing my artwork instead of being the eager beaver I sometimes can be, but hey I guess now is as good a time as any.

Here is a recent character “dump” that I posted on dA.

I’m trying to get passed this whole stigma that I can only post finished “works of art” and get more of my sketches out there and shared with the world so I can receive constructive feedback and criticism and such (because in the past this attitude prevented me from posting very often and thus my gallery is sparse of recent artwork and there are large gaps of time in between submissions).

Another character sketch that I have dubbed “Duchess”:

And a similar character portrait. I had a thing for flower headbands at the time I think:

If you wanna take a look-see at my gallery here is zee link :stuck_out_tongue::
I’m still trying to develop my style and improve upon my anatomy and composition skills, so there might be some eyesores in there… xD If you guys have posted your art as well feel free to link me to your topic/thread and/or Deviantart :slight_smile:

Oh gosh your style is so distinct and lovely!! ;w; I also had to get over that mindset that I could only post finished works of art too, but a lot of times people love the rawness and fluidity of messy sketches (even if we may hate them and are driven nuts by the fact that our stuff isn’t finished!! :laughing:).

I especially love that last drawing with the flower crown. Your character has such striking, soft eyes. It’s beautiful. ;u;

I’m gonna go ahead and “follow” you on deviantART as well! :wink:

little chef

Thank you very much Little Chef! I’m almost inclined to call you VinDeamer now xD buuut I won’t.

I’m sure that you and a lot of other people on this site, as well as on dA, relate to me in that story and character is immensely important to me. That has played a part in the development of my style. I kind of had to try and forget about developing a style and the whole trying to make everything perfect and instead start portraying characters as I saw them with real rich stories and personalities (I’m as much of a “writer” as I am an artist). The other stuff like drawing style kind of came gradually and subconsciously. Its like it was developing a personality of its own, much like we develop personalities as we grow. I’m sure as I grow so will my style. I’m sure you can relate to that :slight_smile:

Of course though in the interest of diversifying my skill and gallery I’m trying really hard now to improve upon my drawing skills so that I can apply my stories, characters, and style to a more broad spectrum of compositions, portrayals and even mediums. Its not easy… but the passed few months I’ve been in kind of a creative rut because of my limited skill, so its very necessary. This is where sharing more of my more unfinished sketchy practice work comes in… because constructive criticism and feedback is crucial to improvement and development and if one never shares then that crucial feedback can’t be received thus holding back progress. Plus like you said, sometimes people like the more unfinished rough work even more than the finished “works of art”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, sorry to type your “ear” off xD. I get overly enthusiastic about this kind of stuff sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s a study/portrait that I did. Haven’t drawn from reference in a while, though it would be good practice.

A work in progress photo of a study/practice drawing of Matt Smith from Doctor Who that I’m working on. Please disregard my sloppy and disproportionate guidelines for the rest of the unfinished drawing. Still have to work that out before I start detailing the neck, clothes, hand, and sonic screwdriver. I still have a little ways to go on the face and hair.

Oh my gosh, your art is really nice! I love the way you draw people - they look so realistic yet you still have a cool and distinct style for 'em. Really nice!

Sorry I can’t really give constructive criticism - I mostly draw animals myself, and I’m still learning how to draw humans semi-decently, which I do in the form of drawing my favourite non-human characters as such. :stuck_out_tongue: